Wednesday, January 3, 2018

5 Tips to creating a healthy grocery list for you and your family

Happy New Year! If you are like my family and I, we are geared up to live a healthier lifestyle this year. We intend to eat healthier and drink more water, not due to weight loss purposes, but because we just feel better! It goes without saying that the hubs and I enjoy eating out and the kids adore going to Old MacDonald’s (that’s what they call McD’s) but after awhile even yummy takeout starts to lose its excitement. So, how are we going to stick to our plan of eating healthy? We are going to make a weekly grocery list and stick to it! We will go shopping together and try to stick to the list as best as we can. If you are interested in a more scientific approach to healthy eating, be sure to read this book. Otherwise, here are some of the tips we are going to follow to ensure that we create a healthy grocery list and abide by it!

  1. Plan our meals a week at a time. Planning out meals ahead of time takes the guesswork out of shopping. It truly makes going to the grocery store easier than ever before. When we write out the meals that we are having, we can easily see what items we need to get from the store to complete the meal. We can use up some of the items that we have stored in the cupboard to avoid waste which is a great way to save money. Finally, by planning ahead, we are no longer feeling the pressure of deciding what is for dinner after a long day at the office when nobody wants to cook.

  1. Make sure to add a pop of color to our plates! One of the ways that we plan to eat healthier in 2018 is to fill up our plates with vibrant colors that are found in fresh vegetables and fruits. Too often, we eat carbs instead of vegetables. While potatoes and rolls are delicious, they are not doing us any good.

  1. Drink plenty of water. We have a Deer Park water hydration system which allows us to purchase 5 gallon jugs of water at a time. It is quite reasonably priced and it eliminates having to drag in bottles of water from the grocery store.

  1. Find healthy(er) snacking items. This is one of the biggest struggles that we will face. We are a family of snackers! There is nothing like baking a batch of chocolate brownies or indulging in some rice krispy treats iced with butterscotch! We are planning to look for healthier snack options and again, stick to our grocery list!

  1. Take leftovers for lunch instead of creating waste. Waste is money. In addition to eating healthier, we are striving to be more fiscally responsible as well. That means that if there are leftovers after dinner, saving them and having them one day for lunch. Too often do we just chuck leftovers into the trash bin or feed them to the dogs. We can save some money and continue to eat healthy by packing our lunches with our leftovers. We are only two days into the work week and we are doing well so far! Let’s see how we do a week or two from now!

How do you plan for a healthy grocery shopping experience?

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