Tuesday, January 23, 2018

5 Must-Know Entertainment Websites

Bored again? Looking for a way to kill off a few minutes? It’s strange how much entertainment we have at our fingertips thanks to the Internet, and yet we barely use any of it. Using the Internet for work is only part of the picture, and if you don’t know where to relieve some stress and relax your brain for a while, you’re doing it wrong!
1) Reddit
“The front page of the Internet” as they call themselves, and it’s not an exaggeration. Reddit is a great place to satisfy your curiosity on any topic you can imagine, from funny cat pictures, to science, world news, and even more specialized, niche fields. Have a favorite TV show? You can bet it has its own community at reddit! Part of the beauty in how the site works is the fact that users can create their own mini-communities, resulting in a very diverse atmosphere.
2) 9gag
For those who enjoy memes and lighthearted humor, 9gag is a great community that curates its content and is updated regularly. Many use it as their default time killer, and there is something to be said about the simplistic nature of its design and content. From time to time, more in-depth things get posted too.
3) Rage Maker
If you’re looking to take part in the endless trend of rage comics, Rage Maker is easily the best place on the web to fill that void. The site allows you to easily turn your ideas into reality, with many features that other similar sites lack. Best of all, it doesn’t put any annoying watermarks on your finished comics, allowing you to easily share them in various communities without the fear of getting negative comments.
4) Itch.io
Pretty much every gamer knows about Steam, but there is a lot more to explore on the Internet if you want high quality gaming fun. Itch.io is more focused on indie projects and it has a more finely filtered list of games, but it should not be underestimated. Many even see it as a better alternative to Steam due to the latter’s currently crowded and busy nature, but even if you don’t agree with that stance, you should still find plenty of high-quality games here, many of them free.
5) Quora

And if you’re searching for a more intellectual type of entertainment, you should check out Quora. The site is aimed at connecting curious people with questions, with experts in different fields who might have the right answer. You can browser questions according to their fields and other criteria, and also subscribe to specific fields to receive notifications by e-mail. Quora has been around for a while too, and it contains a vast database of knowledge for those willing to spend some time browsing through. It’s all free too, and you’re only limited by how much free time you have to invest. If you’re the curious type that can easily get lost in an encyclopedia, this site should suck you in before you’ve realized it too.

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