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5 Exercises that help with lower back pain

5 Exercises that help with lower back pain

My husband had experienced back pain for years due to blowing out his back working on a home renovation project several years before we got together. It would be a common occurrence for him to tell me that he couldn't feel his leg or foot on one side of his body. The pain he experienced sometimes was debilitating and it was really hard for me to not be able to help him get through his pain and anguish. After trying many things, laser spine surgery was the answer for him and he has been pain free for just over 6 months now. What a difference the surgery made on his quality of life. I, however, continue to have back pain. It is probably from years of gymnastics and cheerleading but regardless of the culprit, I experience back pain often. This article will share some of the exercises that I do to help with lower back pain relief.

1.     Yoga. While stretching your entire body into positions you don’t typically may sound strange, it works wonders to relieve my lower back pain and help with flexibility. I find that the more that I participate in yoga, the better my back feels. I can tell that my back gets tight even if I miss a few sessions of yoga. My body craves it and I feel better not only physically but also mentally as well.

2.     Piyo. Piyo has been my jam for a few years now. While it isn’t as popular as it once was, it is still a great way to get fit. Piyo is the combination of pilates and yoga in one workout. You use your body weight to tone and shape your physic in ways that you may not know are possible. Piyo is wonderful for those who want to tone up and get in shape or strengthen their current muscles. I love piyo and need to do it more often!

3.     Running. It sounds strange but when I was running several miles a day, my back felt amazing. I rarely had any back pain and on the days I didn’t run, I noticed that I felt tight and my body craved going for a run. Now that I don’t run as much as I used to, I notice that my back hurts more often.

4.     Spinning. Spinning is a wonderful workout but to be honest, I haven’t noticed a drastic change in my back pain since starting this workout habit. What I do know is that spinning makes me feel better overall which I am all about!

5.     Stretching. Yoga, stretching, and piyo tends to help my back more than anything else. Stretching allows my body to lengthen muscles and work out tight areas. No matter what fitness routine I take part in, I always make sure to stretch and drink a lot of water.

What helps with your back pain? Have you tried any of these exercises before? 

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