Tuesday, November 21, 2017

5 Tips to treating a bruise or a sprain while traveling

Traveling can be a rewarding experience as it offers you the ability to see a different culture, city, and way of life than what you are typically used to. While traveling, it is not uncommon to experience a slight set back by way of minor injury. Whether you are suffering from ecchymosis, a bruise, or a minor sprain while traveling, it can put a damper on your holiday. While traveling with an injury can make the experience a bit more challenging, it is not impossible. This article will highlight some tips to treating a bruise or a sprain while traveling.

  1. Plan ahead. This tip is going to be challenging for travelers who enjoy the idea of “going with the flow” while on vacation. When you have an injury, it is important to think ahead and plan accordingly. For example, if you have hopes of visiting a museum, you may want to look into hiring a scooter or wheelchair so that you can keep weight off of your foot. If you are stubborn and continue to allow for your weight to be on your leg or foot, you can make the ailment worse in the long run. You need to allow your body to heal and so you should make accommodations to aid your body in healing while still being able to enjoy your vacation.
  2. Look up information on disability services at places you want to visit. If your bruise or sprain is bad enough that you are unable to walk and you are in need of a scooter or a wheelchair, it is helpful to look into disability services at sites that you plan to visit. Be sure to alert your hotel staff that you will need additional equipment so that they can provide you with a hotel room that offers ample space. When visiting an attraction, you will want to make sure that an elevator is available if you need to travel up flights of stairs.
  3. When you are not experiencing the town, keep your leg up. It is important to allow your leg to rest and the best way to do this is to keep it up so that blood can flow properly and help it heal. It is also a good idea to ice your wound as often as you can so that the swelling is kept to a minimum.
  4. Allow for extra time. Because you are experiencing an injury, you will want to allow for extra time when you are traveling. You are most likely not able to walk as fast as usual due to your injury so you will want to build in some extra time into your schedule so that you can get to where you need to go without having to stress about being late.
  5. Have fun! It can be quite a disappointment to have an injury while traveling but it is critical to keep a positive attitude and try to have a good time. Afterall, you are on holiday and traveling should be fun! Enjoy it to the fullest and take a lot of pictures. Years from now you will fondly remember experiencing your travels even with a pesky injury.

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