Saturday, June 24, 2017

5 Ways that water can greatly benefit your health

Happy Saturday, friends! Are you a fan of water? I am trying to drink more water and less soda, juice, and even coffee! In fact I haven't had coffee in a week which is a huge accomplishment for me! Here's why:

The human body, according to a study is made up of 60% fluids. Water is one of the main sources of nutrients that supply our bodies in maintaining our daily lives. Without the right amount of fluids in our system, our body will not perform at its peak and in some cases may even catch some diseases. That is why doctors and other healthcare experts have been advocating drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day in order to maintain the necessary amount of fluids in our bodies.

Aside from these benefits, water can also greatly help our bodies in the following ways.

1. Absorption, Circulation, and Withdrawal

Water paves the road for the different minerals and nutrients in our bodies. As you intake water, it carries the minerals and nutrients to your system. It is the main catalyst in the absorption of these nutrients. Without water, these nutrients and minerals won’t be able to penetrate and reach the other parts of your body which require them. Water also helps in the proper circulation of these nutrients and minerals. It aids in the distribution of these nutrients to the blood vessels in your soles up to your brain, making the whole process more efficient and faster. And lastly, we all know that water helps in the withdrawal of the waste and other excess bacteria in your system. We all have tried drinking lots of water for constipation and other related conditions. Simply put, it helps in flushing out what our bodies need to discharge.

2. Relieves Fatigue

Water greatly helps in fatigue relief. The electrolytes from water fill our bodies with renewed energy after a hard day’s work or after a physically draining workout session. The carbohydrates and salt it provides help prevent dehydration which is the main cause of over fatigue and exhaustion.

3. Improves our mood and relieves headache

A dry brain results in mood swings that will make our daily lives unproductive and unhappy. In some cases, it becomes the main cause of migraine or headaches. By constantly maintaining the proper hydration and oxygen level of our brains, our day will be happier and productive. And water intake is one of the fastest and most effective ways of keeping our brains hydrated and healthy. It is also the best methods for treating sudden headaches or migraine.

4. Treats Kidney Stones and Cancer

Kidney stones which is a result from a poor-performing kidney caused by too much salt on our bodies via foods and alcohol can be treated by heavy intake of water. As stated above, water helps in flushing out toxins and other harmful substances in our bodies. It also thins and smoothens kidney stones making them easier to dispose of via urination. And more importantly, it helps in improving and restoring the performance of your kidneys.
There are also studies linking cancer treatment, specifically bladder cancer to heavy water intake. According to studies, water intake promotes the development of bladder carcinogens which fights against cancer.

5. Maintains proper pH balance

Many people today have succumbed to the unhealthy lifestyle that causes their bodies to become overly acidic. While the body has natural reactions in order to maintain the proper acid and pH balance, there are cases when our bodies can’t handle them. In order to address and aid our bodies in maintaining the right balance, alkaline water has been introduced. Alkaline water helps in neutralizing the effects of the acidic substances and speeds up the balancing process of your body. There are also other benefits of an alkaline water machine such as; antioxidants, detoxification, weight loss and much more.  

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