Tuesday, June 20, 2017

4 Ways that pulmonary rehab helps you breathe and feel better

If you have just come from lung surgery or are dealing with long term lung disease, it will be beneficial for you to undergo pulmonary rehabilitation. Those with lung conditions like asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or pulmonary fibrosis will find a better quality of life when they enroll in pulmonary rehab.

The goal of all pulmonary rehab is not just to educate the patient about his or her condition, but there are even institutions that seek to help the patients when it comes to nutrition and even emotional stability. Here are just some ways that a pulmonary rehab program can benefit those who avail of it.

1. It will help patients build endurance – for people living with pulmonary disorders like COPD, simple activities like walking and climbing may prove to be difficult. It, therefore, becomes difficult to do everyday activities die to the strain it causes on the lungs. With the exercises come in rehab, their endurance will get better. For those who experience shortness of breath, the programs available will help them develop breathing techniques.

2. It may provide a support group for the patient – there are hospitals and centers that don’t just offer pulmonary rehab but even a support group that patients can join. This is helpful as patients can be part of a group that knows exactly what they are going through. Support groups can also be there for motivation when the patients are adjusting at the beginning of the program and losing motivation. There are psychosocial programs included that can help patients emotionally cope with their conditions. Rehab, after all, is not just for the body but for the mind as well.

3. It will improve the overall quality of life – for patients who have been living with the chronic lung disease for a long time, their desire is to improve the quality of their lives. What they could not do when the disease struck may be done with continued rehabilitation. Daily activities that used to be difficult to accomplish can also be achieved. There are centers that also teach about good nutrition that would surely help with the overall health of the patients.

4. It will educate participants about their condition and medication  - it’s not just enough to treat patients. Individuals must also know about their condition and the medication they will be taking. Proper education of your medication like inhalers, or knowing more about oxygen therapy can help patients get more invested in their treatments. Being properly educated can help patients recognize symptoms of a flare up and can help them know how to manage their chronic lung disorders.

If you are someone or you know someone who may benefit from rehabilitation, check out Bella Vista Health Center. They offer a pulmonary rehab program for those going through breathing difficulties, recovering from a lung surgery or dealing with long term lung disorders. Check out their programs which include exercise training and nutrition counseling. Whatever program you will avail of, it will surely help you breathe better and improve your or your loved one's quality of life.

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