Saturday, May 6, 2017

The top 5 health related concerns women have while in college

Both men and women face health concerns when going to college. In fact, many college students are oblivious to the variety of health concerns they will come into contact with while studying to complete a degree. As I work in student wellness on a college campus, I see health related issues pop up on a daily basis. I wrote this article as a way to potentially help college students think about their health and give them ideas on how to tend to these challenges.

  1. Eating Disorders. The desire to keep the “freshman 15” at bay is an increasing problem. Many women find themselves gaining weight while in college. This can cause problems with self-esteem among other things. Eating disorders tend to surface in college due to the desire for one to be accepted. Anorexia nervosa and Bulimia nervosa are very common problems among college aged women. Some say that these conditions are derived from the need to control and gain acceptance from others. Eating disorders is a way to gain control when it feels as if one’s life is out of control. For example, someone suffering from bulimia may feel a sense of relief when compulsively exercising or vomiting. If you or a friend need help with an eating disorder, contact your family care doctor or the health center at your school immediately.
  2. Sleep deprivation. While this may not seem like an issue because “everybody in college stays up all night,” sleep is actually crucial to your success in school. The body needs at least 6-8 hours of sleep a night to rest, recharge, and prepare for the next day. It may seem as if there are more important things to do than sleep, but you will regret it later.
  3. Partying. Many think that college is just a time to party. While this may be the case, it is important to be sure that you make good decisions while doing so. Be sure to stay with a group of friends at the party and do not let your beverage leave your sight. Be sure to leave the party with the group you came with and drink water or non-alcoholic beverages in between alcoholic ones.
  4. Sex. The hookup culture is more rampant than ever. It is not uncommon for college students to be promiscuous in sexual experiences while in college and often times there is alcohol involved when doing so. This can cause problems as one may have sex with another individual they probably would not have had they been sober. If you do have sex with someone, it is important to get an annual check-up with your doctor at a minimum. Should you find yourself with a sexually transmitted disease such as chlamydia or herpes, be sure to go to the student health center right away. Chances are high that your health center provides chlamydia testing as well as various forms of contraceptives.
  5. Emotional issues. College can cause a great deal of emotional stress. Academic and social pressures can cause unnecessary stress and feelings of isolation. If you are feeling as if something is not right, be sure to seek out assistance from your college’s counseling center.

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