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5 Tips to taking care of your feet this summer

Believe it or not, our feet are one of most battered part of our bodies. We use them everyday to take us places. And even if we think we don’t move much on a daily basis, it’s our feet taking the most strain from our daily activities.

Now that it’s summer, it’s important to pay attention to our feet. Don’t wait until it’s hurting for you to starting caring for them!  Check out the following tips for basic foot care and make sure to not take your feet for granted anymore.

  1. Moisturize daily
Having fewer oil glands compared to other parts of the body, our feet get dry easily. Dry skin could lead to cracking, itching, and even burning skin. Moisturize your feet always by applying skin-soothing foot balms or lotions.

There are several foot creams you can try with different key ingredients. Some are soothing and relaxing, and some have healing properties. They all have moisturizing effects for sure, so it doesn’t matter which one you get. That is unless you’re addressing something more specific. Apply it before bedtime for longer absorption.

  1. Address pains immediately
Our feet take a constant beating every time we go about our day. Once you start to feel pain around your feet, ankles, including your knees, go see a doctor immediately. Thankfully, there are specialty clinics like Podiatrist Perth. They offer services that help diagnose and provide treatment to your foot ailments.

Some common foot problems include:
  • Bunions
  • Calluses
  • Corns
  • Ingrown Toenails
  • Heel Pain
  • Achilles Tendonitis

Address persistent conditions immediately and do not hesitate to go to the doctor.

  1. Clean your feet properly
Washing your feet daily is an important part of health and hygiene. It helps your feet look clean, soft, and presentable. Take your time with your feet and wash them properly. Some people think it’s enough to pass with just soap and water. But here are a couple more tips to ensure your feet are squeaky clean:

  • Soak your feet in warm soapy water to soften your skin and make it easier to wash
  • Scrub and exfoliate at least once a week to remove dead skin cells. Use items like pumice stones, loofahs, or foot scrub
  • Completely dry your feet before slipping them in to footwear. This prevents moisture and sweat from turning into foot odor
  • Regular cleaning prevents foot infection and odor, and it’s a must to take time cleaning them!

  1. Choose the right footwear
A lot of people neglect comfort over style, resulting in a bunch of foot aches and problems. Using the right footwear plays an important role in preventing foot and toe problems. It also helps improve your health by relieving pain and aiding your posture.

Before buying a pair of shoes, consider the following things:
  • Choose a low heel, and avoid narrow and pointed shoes.
  • Check the cushion if it’s soft and rigid as this provides comfort.
  • Inspect the material. Avoid vinyl or plastic shoes. They make your feet sweat easily.
  • Walk around the store and make sure the shoes feel right.

You’ll feel it when you’re wearing the right kind of shoes. The goal is to get a pair that is light, comfortable, and makes you feel good.

  1. Pamper your feet once in awhile
Reward your feet for all their hard work by going to a foot salon. Get your nails cleaned, your ingrowns treated, and your feet scrubbed.

Get a foot massage too. It’s definitely a great reward for your aching soles. Massages offer a wealth of health benefits. This includes stress relief, improved blood circulation, and better sleep. You’ll never regret getting one!

It’s never a bad idea to take care of our feet. They have helped us reach places and deserve to be treated like royalty.

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