Thursday, May 25, 2017

5 Fun ways to reduce stress

Stress is a negative feeling that is very hard to dispel. With lots of problems piling up from our daily lives, it only accumulates and makes us grow weary and tired every day. Not only will it affect our family, it will also inevitably affect our careers and even our social lives. There are even cases with people getting addicted to drugs or alcohol due to the immense stress that they have accumulated. And we all know that addiction is a very difficult problem to go through. Thus, it is very important that we take time off out of our busy schedules to enjoy our lives and release some of that accumulated stress in order to avoid bigger problems.

Here are 5 Fun ways to reduce stress;

•    Spend time with your family and loved ones

There is no better place like home, and home is where our families and loved ones are. No matter the situation, no matter the problems we go through, as long as we have our families and loved ones by our side giving us courage and motivation to push through, all of them will be eventually resolved. And what could be more fun than traveling through time and enjoying the old times with your precious family?

If you are living alone and are going through a lot of stress, visit your family on the weekends and talk to them. They are the people who will love you unconditionally; they won’t judge you and even will try to understand where you are coming from. They are the people who will always have your back. And with them, you will find the warmth and care that will alleviate your stress. You don’t have to hold back from sharing your problems and issues, trust me; your family will even appreciate you telling them your problems and current situation. Families are there to support you and help you.

•    Shopping therapy

Sometimes stress is caused by money, and there is a saying that money is the root of all evil. While this may be the case, some find that retail therapy is actually very helpful in overcoming a bad mood or troubling time. Within reason, allow yourself to release some inhibitions brought about by money and give yourself some room to spend some money. Get that new dress and shoes, buy that new car, get that new apartment, eat at that fancy restaurant, whatever it is that you have been yearning for – get it with that hard earned money. You work hard and allowing yourself to spend money is a good thing as long as you keep it within reason and to what you can afford.

•    Travel

Some say that if you are suffering from substance addiction or any form of addiction, traveling will greatly help your situation. By going to a new place and widening your horizons, you will be reminded of how vast the world is and how little you are. You will be surprised at how enjoying the world around you can be fulfilling. Perhaps go on a trip that will help others in some way. Giving back helps you find purpose.

•    Join support groups

According to, support groups can be very helpful. In this day and age where most people are far away from their loved ones, joining support groups to share problems and meet new friends is a very helpful and can be a fun activity. By meeting new people in different walks of life and with different statuses, people get to realize that everyone is going through similar problems and there is always hope to recover and find success. Support groups will not only help you address your problems, it will also help you have fun with other people and improve your social life.

•    Fitness

Working out is a great way to reduce stress naturally and work on being healthy. Many who are busy find that if they carve out time in their day to spend working out, they are less stressed and can actually focus on tasks more readily.

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