Friday, April 28, 2017

4 Natural Herbs Everybody Should Know

Improving your health may require more than simply diet and exercise. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that our ancestors have used natural plants and herbs as medicines for thousands of years. The Ayurvedic Indian practices include many native herbs and plants as do the traditional Chinese practitioners.

Across the globe, many tribal people have known about natural herbs and ways to improve their performance, but only recently has modern science finally caught up. There are a few well-known supplements for brain and body, which you can use in order to maintain your health and hopefully improve performance.

#1. Bacopa Monnieri - the bacopa plant is native to India and it has been so well documented in the scriptures and Ayurvedic tradition that the Indian government spent tens of millions of dollars just to study the effects.

After many years of study, the government found bacopa to be a reliable and safe way of improving cognitive abilities. Bacopa can not only increase general cognition, but also reduces anxiety and improves memory. The effects can take up to 8 - 12 weeks before it shows up, but this just suggests bacopa is a long term solution.

#2. Lemon Balm - our ancestors in Europe used lemon balm as a natural source of relaxation and calm. Both the Greeks and the Romans were avid fans of this mediterranean plant because it was so tasty and easy to consume.

Today it is just as easy to use lemon balm with capsules, a lemon balm tea, or even lemon balm extracts from the plants.

#3. Ginkgo Biloba - even the least knowledgeable health enthusiast has probably heard of ginkgo biloba at some point. This natural Chinese plant (also called maidenhair tree) provides many benefits including added memory and cognitive abilities. In fact, some studies even show this herb can help to reduce the symptoms and signs of aging.

The reason ginkgo biloba has gotten so popular and successful is because of the appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show in addition to Dr. Oz being a big proponent. With these popular figures promoting the natural supplement, it’s no wonder so many people have heard of it.

This also has some of the most research of any natural herbs and compounds. If you want something well known, but also well-tested, this is your best bet.

#4. Rhodiola - back to Europe and Russia, the origins of rhodiola rosea are modest. Even though this plant was unknown in the mountainous regions of the world for a long time, the Vikings seized the opportunity to increase their focus, virility and strength.

The rhodiola root is called an “adaptogen” because it allows the user to adapt to the environment and still prosper. Whether you are sick, tired, or just looking for a little boost, rhodiola is a great natural alternative.

The greatest aspect about all 4 of these natural herbs is that they are well-studied and safe. Many of the drugs in the pharmaceutical industry or the nootropic space are synthetic and come with added risks. These natural compounds are the best that nature can produce and have been used for thousands of years.

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