Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Rachel's Creperie in Lancaster, PA

Working at a small private liberal arts college in Lancaster, PA has its perks. One of which is the ability to pop into the local creperie shop for a nutella hot chocolate and crepe. Today was a particularly busy day and I was constantly on the go. On days like this when I have no time to myself, it is easy for me to get overwhelmed and feel run down.

As the director of wellness, I find that it is critical to take care of myself or I am just a hypocrite. Even though I know it is crucial to manage stress, I often feel guilty about doing so. For some reason today, I felt so overwhelmed by tasks and projects that I felt the need to take myself out to Rachel's Creperie on Walnut Street. When I first took the job in Lancaster, I was told that I needed to check out Rachel's because the crepes were delicious and the atmosphere was lovely. I thought that escaping from the hustle of bustle of campus for an hour would provide me the space and breathing room that I needed to get back on track.
Nutella Hot Chocolate and blogging to relieve stress

Upon arrival, it was somewhat of a challenge to find parking along the meters on Walnut Street and the parking lot is quaint and was full to capacity. I found a spot on a side street and walked to Rachel's. The store front is adorable and the windows were decorated with girl scout cookies and an adorable large pink vintage bicycle. When I walked in the door, I was greeted by a barista at the coffee counter and offered a table in the dining room. I had no idea that I could expect a full service restaurant with breakfast, lunch, dinner, AND dessert crepes. I sat down at a nice table by the window and ordered a nutella hot chocolate and lemon blueberry cheesecake crepe. The hot chocolate was absolutely divine which the perfect amount of rich, creamy, nutella and chocolate flavor. The crepe was just as delicious with the perfect amount of lemon and blueberry flavor. The crepe was extra special because it was made with ground up girl scout smile cookies for a crunchy lemon addition. I enjoyed both sugary concoctions so much and instantly found myself in a better mood.
lemon blueberry cheesecake crepe, $8

If you happen to visit Lancaster, take a few moments and check out Rachel's creperie. What a joy to the tastebuds and visual and auditory senses. Not to mention I am feeling much better about my tasks and projects at work because I took an hour to myself to decompress.

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