Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Do women need to take protein bars when going to the gym?

Sometimes I don't have time to pack my lunch so I'll grab a protein bar or keep a box in my desk drawer at work. I go to yoga every day at lunch time and if I don't eat, I can get sick or feel light-headed.

More and more women nowadays have the desire to keep fit and healthy. Many have become members in gyms to attain their goals. If you are one of those, you have probably looked for ways to maximize the effectiveness of your workout.  

One of the things that has always been mentioned in many articles is protein bars. You might be asking if you really need to take these products when working out, whether at the gym or at home.

To answer that question, you need to realize first what the role of the protein has for the body. Any doctor would tell you that protein is an important component in our bodies. It is after all, found in every cell of the body. What is the role of protein in the body? It not only makes enzymes, hormones and other chemicals for the body, but it is also the one that builds and repairs damaged tissues in our bodies.

It is macronutrient, so the body needs large amounts of it. But because our bodies do not store this important component, there needs to be a regular intake of this to ensure that the body can get a new supply when needed.

If you are intent on keeping fit by exercising, then you need to understand that you need to take protein. Why? When you are exercising using the equipment at the gym or in your house, your body undergoes strenuous physical stress depending on just how intense your workout are. But there’s no doubt your muscle fibers do tear and break apart. For your body to be restored and repaired, you need to protein.

The amount of protein you need to take every day varies for each person. It depends on your weight and just what type of physical activity you regularly undergo. If you are not sure about what your daily intake, you can ask nutritionists for advice. As for the food that provides protein, you can choose eggs, meat or nuts and much more.

But what if you do not have enough time to prepare your daily meals? What if you are wary of buying from restaurants as you are not sure of the calorie content? Then you can add protein bars to your diet. These are great sources to boost your energy while working out. It helps that the label on the packaging tells you exactly how much protein you are consuming.

You do need to watch out and not just buy any protein bar you see. With so many in the market nowadays, you need to be more meticulous with your choices. Some may have too many calories, and even more may have too much sugar.

To help you choose the right protein bars for you, Fitness Informant has come up with a comparative list of the best ones in the market today. You can be sure that these have been tested by people who go to the gym regularly so they know what they’re talking about.

What are your favorite protein bars?

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