Thursday, February 16, 2017

Why I LOVE Turbo Tax

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This is NOT an ad. This is just an honest opinion by a once very stressed out American who had yet to file her taxes. Taxes always stress me out because I want to make sure that I do everything right and I have a pretty big fear of "getting into trouble" regardless of who you are. I surely do not want Uncle Sam knocking at my door and I tend to do my taxes as quickly as humanly possible so that I can cross that off the annual to do list.

This year I was a bit more nervous about filing my taxes than in years past because I haven't done them on my own...since I was in college. And that was like more than a decade ago. Not to mention, I have been adulting a lot more lately and I switched jobs last year and am now working in a state in which I do not reside.

Instead of searching for a reputable tax professional, I decided to give turbotax a go and I am so glad that I did. They made it so easy to walk through and complete my return from multiple states. There are many filing options to choose from and they help you sort all that out by asking you simple questions about your lifestyle, work, etc. In fact, everything was simple. If I wasn't sure of something, I clicked on the help box and my question was explained in terms I could UNDERSTAND! I was pleasantly surprised. You don't pay anything until the end when it is time to file and even then there are choices for payments for the software but also to the government if you owe. If you don't owe, you can enter your bank account information or request a check. That's it! Done. Whew!

The entire process took me some time as I had to organize myself, my paperwork, and read through the simple steps laid out by the software but overall it was an easy, stress-free experience. I think I spent an hour or two on it and most of it was just my need to read everything. Give it a try! Leave a comment and let me know what you think of Turbo Tax!

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