Friday, September 23, 2016

Three Ways to Include Diamonds in Your Day to Day Looks

Wearing jewelry as part of your work or other daytime looks can often see you heading for lower end, more fashion pieces like costume jewelry, quirky necklaces, fun earrings and sporty watches rather than luxury stuff like diamonds. However, diamonds don't have to be reserved for when you glam up for a night out or formal occasion, and can be used subtly in your office or day out looks to great effect! Here are just three ways to add diamonds to your day looks without feeling overdressed:

Add a Classic Touch with Diamond Stud Earrings

The simple twinkle of diamond stud earrings adds a pretty, classy touch to workwear and can add some interest to casual jeans and sweaters when you are out shopping without being overly fussy. With your hair down or up, they are still noticeable as they catch the light. Diamond studs on their own can be a good finish to all kinds of daytime outfits, and can be paired with necklaces and other accessories with sparkle to transform your work look into a sophisticated after-work cocktails outfit. Another way to add the prettiness of diamond studs but with an edgier look for daytime is to wear them in secondary or upper ear piercings, or in your nose if you have it pierced. Check out for some beautiful but simple diamond earrings ideal for wearing with your daytime clothing.

Diamond Charms

One of the most fun kinds of casual jewelry you can wear is a charm bracelet, and since they have come back into fashion in a big way in the past few years thanks to covetable brands like Pandora and Trollbeads, there are a huge range of charms on the market – many of them featuring small, pretty inset diamonds. This can be an easy way to add the luxury of diamonds in a way that doesn't look overdressed with your weekend clothes or cute day dresses, and also doesn't feel too 'grown up' to wear outside of the office. From animals and hearts to more sophisticated beads, there are styles of charm with diamonds to suit all personalities and styles, so mixing a few diamond charms in with your regular ones can be a good look.

Tennis Bracelets

If you want some real 'bling' you can sport all the time, then a diamond tennis bracelet is ideal. Glamorous and timeless, it makes everything you wear a little more fabulous, and can give you that smart, preppy look while still being shiny and fun. Of course, that many diamonds can be expensive, but you can recreate the look using crystal or cubic zirconia to get the same effect without needing a big bank balance or a sugar daddy!

These are just three ways to wear diamonds with your favorite daytime looks, so if you love the luxury and style of diamonds, there is no reason to keep them in your jewelry box waiting for your next big night out or black tie event!

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