Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Match the look of your bedroom with your fashion style

Whatever the look of your bedroom interior, it's got to match your personal fashion style. Where can you be totally at ease and relaxed, if not in your bedroom? It's your personal space, and it should reflect how you relate to the world, how you feel, what you love, who you are.

Hippy chick

Boho is where it's at for the hippy chick. Flowing clothes that often reference vintage and ethnic styles are layered for ultimate impact. A feminine and soft style that is relaxed and laid back, this translates perfectly to the bedroom interior. Boho-chic home designs feature bedding in jewel-colored fabrics (think bright Mexican textiles or sequined throws from Goa), dark wood furniture that is ornately carved such as screens, low tables, and chests with subcontinental flavors. Fairy lights strung between the carved bedposts of a grand divan, teamed with silk flower garlands adorning the window frames, the complete look is magical, uplifting and Zen.  

City slicker

If a smart business suit and killer heels are your signature costume, a minimalist bedroom interior will feel like home. After a chaotic day at the office, a calm haven is what you need. Focus on the pale end of the color spectrum, mix gentle pastels in natural fabrics and source textiles with a tactile element. A light and spacious atmosphere will be energizing and serene, so keep furnishings to a minimum, storage to the max and window treatments low key. Streamlined internal window shutters are a harmonious and elegant alternative to fussy drapes that attract dust and take up space. Easy to fit, great value and super-sleek, window shutters were designed for the minimalist in you.

Add a spa touch with scented vanilla candles and low lighting for a tranquil, modern bedroom, perfect for de-stressing.

Lux lady

If jungle prints such as leopard spot and tiger stripe cover your go-to garments, then a boudoir that rocks the lux look is required. A decadent chaise longue upholstered in velvet zebra stripe, an ocelot design bedcover, and joyful giraffe-print wallpaper all work together when done just right. Soft, sensual fabrics, dramatic chandeliers, and opulent accessories underline the exotic nature of the room's leading lady.

Outdoor girl

Are you more likely to be found outside in the garden amongst the birds, bees and flowers? Are florals a permanent fixture in your wardrobe? Feminine rosebud print tea dresses make a good stepping-off point for a fresh air lover's bedroom design. Seek out exquisite wallpapers that feature delicate botanic designs, butterflies, trees or exotic birds – anything that brings the natural world indoors. Choose bedding with prints or delicate embroidery that echoes the wildflower meadows you love or the formal gardens you favor.

Glass topped side tables with driftwood bases, a tall palm in a sculpted pot and still life collections of found objects such as pebbles, feathers, and seed pods should be laid out on display. Storage solutions in natural materials such as wicker baskets and reclaimed apple boxes sit beautifully in this room with a fresh air feel.

What you wear says so much about who you are, so it's no surprise we feel comfortable in surroundings that continue that style conversation. Have you figured out in which bedroom you belong? 

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