Thursday, December 10, 2015

Finding Your Style During the Winter Months

As the days continue to get shorter and the temperature continues to drop, I am quickly notified that winter has made its way back around yet again. And while we all often loathe the freezing months and want to bundle up next to the fireplace indefinitely, I am happy to report that there is a glimmer of light in the darkness of winter.

What can this glimmer of light be? You wonder.

Well, I’m sure you all know by now that I am a shoe addict! So when a new season arrives, of course I have my eye on quite a few new styles as soon as they hit the store shelves. And with winter making its grand, unwelcomed entrance, I’ve been scoping out new boots to get me through the season. That’s right: the glimmer of light I was referring to is a pair of boots. 

Hey, you’ve got to look at the glass half full!

So in honor of the new season and my (low-key) obsession with shoes, I wanted to inspire you to go out and grab a new pair of shoes for the season, too. Many women often find a pair of boots they love and never let go. While this is fine, it doesn’t leave a lot of room for style evolution or the excitement of retail therapy. So, retire those years-old boots and consult this quick and easy guide to finding the perfect pair of boots to suit you. After all, stomping through snow is much more fun when you’re doing it in style.

1. Find Your Height

Are you an avid runner with not-so-small calf muscles? Then consider nixing this season’s popular mid-calf boot trend, which will squeeze your muscles and give you an unsightly leg “muffin-top.” Adversely, if you’ve got slender legs, a midi boot (described in this post) would look lovely on you. 

Another point to consider with height is whether or not you’re looking for a heeled style. Depending on the purpose you envision for your boots, a heel can either be a hindrance or a must-have. If you’re in desperate need of hot night-out boots, look for heels only. If you need new everyday, errand-running shoes, a flat style is your best bet.

2. Find Your Width

Some women have skinny feet whereas others have wide ones—it’s just the way we’re born. For women with wide feet, I love the advice found in this piece: “Look for round or almond-shaped (rather than pointy) toes that offer plenty of room and slim heels for a touch of femininity.”

3. Find Your Style

As is the case with any fashion decision, you should always choose your clothing and accessories based on your own personal style. No matter the trends shown on the runways, no matter what your favorite celebrities are wearing, no matter if I tell you what is and isn’t cool—if it doesn’t fit in with the rest of your wardrobe, you should never feel pressured to purchase it. All kinds of personal styles are described here, with a couple of suggestions: “Keep it classic with riding boots, edgy bikers and shoe boots and work androgynous cool in wear-anywhere flats.” Whatever your personal style is, there is a boot out there made just for you!

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