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How to Design a Luxurious Bedroom for a Teenager

The whole point of a luxury bedroom is that it is the ultimate pamper zone. Ideally a luxury bedroom should be within a luxury home, but even if you can’t afford to upgrade your current abode to a luxury Bel Air mansion in the Hollywood Hills, this doesn’t mean that you can’t create a luxurious bedroom for your teenager – and here’s how.

Luxury is synonymous with opulence, rich fabrics, high-end accessories and lots of amenities, so cheap and cheerful furnishings just won’t cut it. Now is not the time to go shopping at the Pound Store. Unfortunately, if you want to create a luxurious bedroom for your teenager, you will need to spend a bit of money in the process.

Pick a Theme

Before you start splashing out on luxury accessories, you need to choose a theme for the bedroom. If the bedroom makeover is to be a surprise, it’s your call, but if not, now would be a good time to discuss the project with your teenager and let them have some input.
Theme will influence colours, style of furniture, lighting and pretty much everything in the room. For example, if your teenager wants a 19th century boudoir, modern fixtures and fittings won’t look right at all. Instead you will need to fit a crystal chandelier, four-poster bed, and lots of sumptuous bedding in rich fabrics from

Luxurious Flooring

The flooring needs to be suitably luxurious. Cheap carpet won’t cut it in a luxury teenager’s bedroom. Instead, look at real wood polished oak flooring and buy a plush rug to soften the look. Or, go for some thick pile carpet so soft your feet sink in it.

Super Storage

Storage in luxury bedrooms is usually out of site, so as not to spoil the stylish vibe of the room. Teenagers always have lots of clothes and shoes, so if you have the space, create a walk-in closet with lots of hanging space and shelving. If you don’t have the space, look at building made-to-measure wardrobes in keeping with the style of the room.


A four-poster bed or sleigh bed would be perfect for a teenager’s bedroom, but if there is not enough room for a huge bed, be sure to add a touch of glamour to a smaller bed with plush throws, lots of plump pillows and high thread count sheets.


Lighting needs to be suitably opulent. Glittering chandeliers are perfect for a gloriously feminine bedroom, but for a more modern look, go for discreet spotlights and mood lighting, preferably remote controlled and aligned with the sound system.

Luxury Accessories

Teenagers like gadgets, so don’t forget to include a bespoke music and entertainment system, so they can listen to their music or watch the latest movies on TV. A chaise longue, comfortable arm chairs, and even a sofa if you have the space will be a nice touch.

If you are stuck for inspiration, check out some fabulous luxury bedroom ideas on websites such as Houzz or Pinterest.

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