Sunday, September 21, 2014

When in Ann Arbor

Although a torrential downpour and a defeated Michigan Wolverines football team dampened our spirits during our trip to Ann Arbor, we still had an amazing time. This is our second time visiting Ann Arbor and we were welcomed with kindness and great service by everyone we came into contact with. There are many things to do in Ann Arbor and here are a few of our favorites.

1. Tailgate before the game. There are many places that you can tailgate near and far away from campus. People are very friendly and it is not uncommon to walk from tailgate to tailgate making friends. We rented a car just so we could tailgate if we did not find any other tailgate party to attend. To park in a premium location, across the street from the Big House can run you $40 to $50. It was shocking to us that most tailgates took place on the golf course across the street from the stadium. Throwing your cans on the ground is a-ok in the golf course as people come around and pick up the cans to turn in to recycling centers for money. Many restaurants and other companies tailgate in this area too. We were lucky enough to get tickets to the Miller Lite tailgate from the friend's that we made at the Arena the night before. The tailgate included free food and beer, games, and a television to watch the Detroit Tigers game. The History Channel was also in town for the All American Tailgate. Boasting free food, games, and prizes, we did not find much in any of those departments. The free food consisted of a small piece of sausage on a stick that dripped grease. The games included a football toss sponsored by LG where you could win a pair of plastic sunglasses. Hyundai had a booth where you could potentially win a car by filling out a 3 page survey all about yourself. We skipped this...Overall, our tailgate experience was fun and something we would do again.
Hanging out at the Miller Lite Tailgate before the Utah vs. Michigan game. 

Football toss at the LG tent at the Great American Tailgate experience hosted by the History Channel.
2. Good food, drinks, and people
A couple of years ago, D and I visited Ann Arbor for the Ohio State v. Michigan basketball game. We were instantly impressed by the friendliness of Michigan people and we were welcomed the same way on our second visit. D and I visited several sports bars while in town and explored the University of Michigan campus. Our favorites turned out to be the Brown Jug and the Blue Leprechaun with the Arena in a close third. I posted several reviews on Yelp! on places that we visited. Stop by and read what I had to say!

3. Attend a University of Michigan sporting event. 
D and I both love sports and we flew in to town to visit  the area and attend a football game. Although the game ended in a miserable loss to a great Utah Utes team and a horrendous thunderstorm, we still had a great time. Our seats were in the 6th row. Although great seats if everyone was sitting down, it was super hard to see considering most people stood for the entirety of the game. It was difficult to see when people were standing and we wish we would have bought cheaper tickets higher up in the stands so we could see the game.
A view from our seats in row 6

We did get a couple glimpses at a few plays while people were sitting so of course I snapped a few photos. The Big House is a gorgeous facility but when it is packed with over 100,000 screaming fans, it can be a lot to take in. Be prepared to dodge people every step of the way through the stadium and do not be surprised when you are smashed in like sardines while in your seats. Although the close quarters can be a bit overwhelming, there is nothing like a great experience at the Big House.
A view from my sister's seats in the endzone.

D and I will be back to Ann Arbor. The people are overwhelmingly nice and there are many more Michigan breweries and eateries that we need to visit. Not to mention, attending a University of Michigan sporting event is truly a great experience worth reliving every now and then.

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