Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sick & Tired.

Back to regular scheduled programming soon enough. I went to Paris for Spring Break and had a wonderful time. While away, I reflected on how privileged I am to have even had the opportunity to travel abroad for a week. It was quite magical and such an amazing experience. I told D before I left for Paris that by going abroad I was going to get the itch to travel more often. This could not be more true. I came home with a greater appreciation for Paris and French culture and want to continue to learn more about other cultures. Traveling abroad challenges me to step outside my comfort zone and I end up growing beyond my wildest dreams.

I plan to write several posts on my Paris excursions but first I am on the mend. I felt great, although tired, the first couple of days back in the states but now I have caught a virus. I have a sore, scratchy throat, headache, and stuffy nose. I hope that these symptoms will pass soon enough so I can get back to my regular schedule.

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