Saturday, February 8, 2014

3 Great Gift Ideas for your FIT Valentine

This post is sponsored in part by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of Koss Corporation.

Awhile back when I reviewed the Koss Fit Series for FitFluential, I did not realize how much I was going to love them. Since writing the post, these headphones have made a difference in my work out routines. No more headphones falling out of my ears or worse yet, hurting my ears so badly that I am forced to stop listening to music while working out.  I am excited to share that I've got more good news from the Koss Fit Series Campaign. For a limited time only, all models and colors are available now at Walgreens for $19.99. Run out to Walgreens and get yourself a pair!Or...ask your sweetheart for a pair for Valentine's Day!

 Flowers, chocolates, jewelry commercials seem to be playing non-stop on television as we are just days away from Valentine's day. I have never been the kind of girl to desire expensive flowers that just die. It always felt like a waste of money. Candy...I love candy a great deal. Especially chocolate candy...but I told D that he is NOT to buy me any candy this year. I will eat it all and feel terrible about it causing me to just eat more delicious chocolate candy and feel very bad about myself as a result. I also don't need jewelry. I need to organize the jewels I have and don't wear and I don't need to add anything to my collection at this time.

No chocolate. No flowers. No jewels. So what do I want? I am really trying hard to stay on track with my fitness goals and so my Valentine's Day wishlist is on the non-traditional side.

1. Koss FitClips or FitBuds. I wrote about these headphones here and I like them so much that I want another pair. These headphones are perfect for women because not only are they designed for women, but they were created BY women!
They come with 3 ear bud sizes, are light weight, and sweat resistant. I use the FitClips while running because they don't fall out.

I use the FitBuds when I am working out on the elliptical or using weights.

I have found it to be really helpful to have a bag or gym items at work that I leave there and don't take home. I tend to be forgetful and leave things at home and then am upset when I need them for the gym. I have a pair of Fitbuds and want a pair of FitClips to leave at the office so that I am always prepared. All colors and models are on sale at Walgreens for a limited time for $19.99. Get a great gift for your sweetheart, friend, mom, or sister without breaking the bank this Valentine's Day!

 2. Thirty-One Zip Top Utility Tote. I love this bag. It is so versatile. I like that there are pockets and zipper closure. I keep a set of gym clothes, shoes, hairbrush, and a small zipper pouch filled with make up and deodorant in it and keep it in my office. This helps me stay organized and on track with my work out schedule. No more "Oh crap, I left my shoes at home so I can't work out today!" This great bag is on sale until the end of February for $10 when you spend $35. Get the bag personalized with your monogram or even "Gym Bag" for just $5!

3. Hot Yoga Class Pass! I love running but I also like to keep my workouts new and fresh. I love doing hot yoga during the winter months as it helps with my flexibility. I always leave feeling refreshed. The trouble is that classes are expensive. A 10 class pass would be an awesome and totally unpredictable surprise.

What do you hope your sweetheart will surprise you with this Valentine's Day?

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