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Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle + 1,000 meals Diet-to-Go GIVEAWAY

Yesterday I wrote about my goals for the New Year one of which is to get fit and to lose some weight. I know that I am not alone here in that resolution and often times we find it hard to get started. It is difficult to decide what to make for meals. It is hard to decide what diet to follow and where to even begin.

The following steps helped me get started on the right track to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

1. Find the diet that works for you. What works for your husband, best friend, family member, may not work for you and that is ok! You are unique! Your preferences and lifestyle is different and you need to make the right choice for you! Find where you are successful and stick to that regardless of what others say.
My beloved running shoes. Running became my favorite workout!
2. Find or create a support network. I have found that when I can engage with others who have similar fitness goals that I am more successful. It provides a "safe" place for me to discuss challenges and even victories. I can seek advice from others who are going through the same challenges as me and we can also help each other celebrate. Finding a support network will help you in ways that those closest to you may not be able to.

My sister and fellow blogger, Allison after we finished our first 5k race together.
Here is an example of how a support network has helped me.

When I began my fitness journey, my husband was not interested in participating in my diet or my fitness plan. That was a challenge for me. He did not really understand when I was craving chocolate or sweets and was trying to resist. He wanted me to be happy so he would encourage me to break down and have a chocolate. The tough part is that I just can't have 1 piece of chocolate. He was trying to help me by telling me not to feel guilty or to enjoy some chocolate here and there but he wasn't able to help me get through the craving like a diet support group could. 

3. Stick with it. It is not easy. It is going to be hard. But that is what makes it so worth it. You will persevere but you have to be consistent and diligent in meeting your goals. You CAN do this! You may have a bad day here and there or even a bad week. That is okay! We are human and not perfect! Just get back on track the next day. Stay with it. You will see results if you give it time.

What has worked for me?
I love to eat. I love to go out to dinner and breakfast. I love sweets. I have a weakness for food. I eat my feelings and I find that in turn makes this challenge all the more difficult. Over time I have found what has worked for me and that includes eating the right food and the right time.

Because of my relationship with Fitfluential, LLC I had the opportunity to try out a healthy meal program called Diet-to-Go. Diet-to-Go offers freshly made meals delivered to your door frozen. They are neatly labeled as breakfast, lunch, or dinner with the cooresponding day of the week. Each meal is packaged with ingredients and nutritional value on the side.

What I love about Diet-to-Go is that they make it simple to start a diet and stick with it. No need to worry about grocery shopping, cooking, or packing your lunch for work. Everything is done for you. All you need to do is follow the directions on the package to microwave, thaw, or eat items as is such as fruit or yogurt.
Diet-to-Go offers a variety of meals to choose from.

To help get 2014 off to a great start, Diet-to-Go is giving away 1,000 FREE meals! 
Enter for your chance to win 50 different prizes from Diet-to-Go including free weeks of meals and $50 gift cards as well as 5 lucky grand-prize winners will receive an entire month of free meals!!

One of the ways that I have found to be successful with my dieting and fitness goals is to participate in opportunities where I can interact and engage with others who are also trying to live a healthier lifestyle. It helps to be able to share tips and even challenges and encourage one another to overcome the tough times and cravings and to celebrate the good times. I have been able to find great support through twitter via twitter chats. Diet-to-Go is hosting a Twitter Chat that will provide the opportunity for people to connect and engage in conversation about their 2014 healthier lifestyle goals.

I am not perfect. I breakdown. I indulge. I overeat. I then feel guilty and eat more. I have to talk myself into sticking with it and ignoring the delicious dessert menu at my favorite restaurant. I make choices that feel like sacrifices. It is hard. Harder than H-E-double hockey sticks. But the reward is something that I cannot put a price tag on. Confidence. Pride in oneself. Feeling empowered to reach your goals even when there are roadblocks. You got this, friend.

Want to get started today? Visit Diet-to-Go and start your diet with 25% off!

3 thoughts:

shivanigupta01 said...

In this hectic and hosh posh daily schedule , healthier lifestyle is very important to remain fit so always eat calorie controlled & healthy diet meals

Lulu said...

Did it all. I love this concept and would help so much to reach my goals- lulu

Gina Phillips {Hiya Luv} said...

good luck to you! I hope you win because I think you will enjoy it;)

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