Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Warm Welcome to 2014

2013 was outstanding. I would write a recap post but quite honestly I don't know where to start. There was so much awesomeness that encompassed the past year that I can't fit it all in to words.

I know that 2014 is going to be an even better year. I have several goals that I have set for the year and I am happy to share them with you. I have been sharing my New Year's Resolutions for the past several years and when I share them in writing, they seem to stick better than when I just say them out loud.

*Read more. Surf the net less.

*Blog more.

*Grow my Thirty-One business. (Interested in an online show or catalog party? I am your girl! Double Hostess Credits in January!)

*Stay home! Stop traveling! For real though. I have been traveling so much that I have reached the point of dreading the thought of packing a bag or traveling. I came to this realization in November when I came home from Las Vegas after running the Rock n Roll Half Marathon. Dave and I went on a vacay for 10 days and we missed our boys so badly we could no longer stand it. We even tried to rework our travel arrangements so we could come home early. This from the same people who in the past would go on trips every 6 weeks! No joke. 2013 afforded us many opportunities, for which we are very grateful, to travel including a week in the Dominican Republic, lots of little mini getaways, Vegas a few other places. It is time to slooowww down and stay closer to home. (I do have a couple of trips in the works like Paris, California, and Ohio but nothing else.)

*Get fit. Let's be honest. I want to lose the 25 lbs that I lost in 2012 and gained back in 2013. I was pretty active in 2013 running my first 5k ever and then ending the year with 2 half marathons but I did not do as good as I could have in regards to healthy eating. I hope to improve this year and take better care of my body on a holistic level. (Mind, body, soul.)

I love to make goals. They make me feel accountable. They make me stay focused. I can come back to them and assess progress at any point throughout the year.

How do you focus and stay on track with your goals?

3 thoughts:

Amber said...

I would be interested in an online 31 party!!!

Gina Phillips {Hiya Luv} said...

Hey Amber! I just send you an email:)

laruen said...

I am pretty bad at sticking to my goals. My 2013 New Years resolution was to travel more and I didn't take one vacation. I am going to start looking up Las Vegas golf specials and go take a vacation!! I can't believe you used to get away every 6 weeks, that must have been amazing. Congrats on running your marathons. Hope you have a happy and healthy new year!

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