Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How to Raise Awareness for a Great Cause Through Marketing

When I owned my handmade business I always found it critical to have a number of business cards on hand. When somebody would ask me about a tote I was carrying, I could easily pull my business card out of my wallet and share my website and etsy shop with them.
One of the bags I sewed and sold while owning Hiya Luv Handmade
Currently, I work in Higher Education and find that the same habit exists. When I meet a new person on campus or have a meeting with somebody that I have never met before, it is helpful to have a business card on hand to give to the person so that we can correspond in the future should the need arise.
There are many ways to market a product and more and more I have seen cars driving around with magnets advertising or raising awareness for a special cause. I have not seen many businesses pick up on the car door magnet trend just yet and wonder if that is on the horizon. Do you pay attention to car magnets?

There are other creative ways to market one's business and network with potential customers. Since I began fundraising for Team Challenge and Crohn's & Colitis research, I find myself being open to conversing with others or sharing stories of the ups and downs of my running journey more so than I did in the past. I am finding that being present and social is half the battle. I tend to shy away from awkward, initial introductions, and get-to-know-you type of conversations. Nonetheless, I find that when handing over a business card, it feels natural and allows for the exchange of conversation that does not feel forced or awkward.

When I was a handmade business owner, I always felt shy about putting myself out there. I went to a handmade business conference once and felt that it was difficult to make friends with other handmade business owners because they either already had a circle of handmade biz friends or I felt like they thought I was not a "big" enough blogger or shop owner to fit in with their group. I am sure that this was all my impression and that many would have accepted me regardless of the size of my shop or blog. During this situation, again, it was very helpful to be able to give out a business card which allowed me to explain my blog and what I created in my shop.

I find the same comfort in exchanging business cards at work and with my Thirty-One business.
I am learning how to be more confident and ask for donations when it comes to fundraising for Team Challenge. Networking, sharing with friends and family, and stepping outside of my comfort zone is what is making the Team Challenge journey so rewarding. I have some fundraisers coming up in the near future and thought that maybe I should try the "old" business card trick. I thought that perhaps it may be an interesting idea to get business cards or car magnets made with  information about Team Challenge in an effort to raise awareness and to also promote Team Challenge and raising funds for Crohn's & Colitis research.

In doing research on costs and quality marketing products, I stumbled across Signazon.com 
Signazon is offering a great Labor Day sale on business cards. Receive $100 of FREE Business Cards when you spend $25 until August 30 when you use code LBRDY13 Signazon.com stands behind their products. For example, each car magnet purchase comes with a 1-year "no fly away" guarantee!

Stop by and check out signazon.com's great quality products. If you are looking for a unique way to showcase your handmade shop, business, or fundraising event, signazon.com is a one stop shop for all of your marketing needs.

How will you get the attention of your target market this Labor Day?  

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