Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Weight Watchers Friendly Snacks from Kona Kase

I ordered my first Kona Kase in May 2013. I loved the concept of being able to try healthy snacks and edible fitness items on a monthly basis for a low price. I was a bit apprehensive at first because I was not sure how many items I would receive in the Kona Kase that would fit within my daily Weight Watchers Points Plus allowance.

I have tried May and June Kona Kase subscription boxes and have been so pleased with the delicious and points friendly products that arrived on my doorstep.

Each Kona Kase arrives on your door step in a durable box full of goodies. In each box is also a card with an inspirational quote or message on it. This is one example of how Kona Kase makes their customers feel special. It is not out of the ordinary to get a personalized note in the mail (yes, snail mail) and even an email from time to time from Kona Kase thanking you for being a subscriber. Kona Kase appreciates their customers and takes time to make sure that is known.

Great customer service never goes out of style.

Here is an example. I was waiting for my June Kona Kase to arrive on the expected delivery date. Disappointed, I contacted Kona Kase and within the hour received a response with tracking information. When I got home from work, my Kase was on my door step waiting for me.

Kona Kase only sends premium products. No fluff. No fillers. Premium, top of the line, items that you may have never seen before or even heard of before. This month I received a mango One Bar. I had never heard of it or seen it before.

At 1 Weight Watchers Points Plus and a full serving of fruit, I did not feel guilty chowing down on my way home from work. It was delicious and had I not received my Kona Kase this month, I would not have known about this yummy treat.

I love to go to the movies. I recently went to the movies and saw Monster's Inc. University. I usually love to snack on candy and movie popcorn while watching the latest flick but this time I decided to go healthy. I grabbed the bag of HalfPops and Kind bar from my Kona Kase and went to the movies. I was pleased that the sea salt Half Pop kernals mixed with the sweetness of my Kind bar really made for an enjoyable treat. I only spent 3 Weight Watchers Points Plus on the Half Pops and 5 on the Kind Bar. I not only felt better about my choice, but I saved enough points to be able to enjoy my dinner without worrying about going over.

Bottom line, Kona Kase is packed with healthier items that still have an abundance of flavor.
Have I sold you on Kona Kase yet? You won't be disappointed. Give them a try.

Use code FFJULY for $5 off your first month. What are you waiting for?
Visit KonaKase and check them out!

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