Friday, July 26, 2013

How I Could Tell My Lifestyle Had Changed For the Better

I used to throw all caution to the wind when it came to my health and wellness. I did not really think about what I ate, if I did any type of physical activity, or why I was tired all the time. I did not even contemplate that the reason I did not feel good about myself may have been because I was not happy with my body or how I was feeling. All I knew was that I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, did not count calories, did not care how much water I drank or if I drank water at all, and did not even think about what I was putting in to my body.

I knew that I had high cholestoral because I had been told years before when I had a physical and blood test. I knew that I had gained 20-25 pounds over the last couple of years but I thought that that was just the process of aging.

I started to seriously consider what I was eating after my husband mentioned to me that I looked like I had gained some weight. He was not saying this maliciously; but out of concern for my health and well-being. In that moment, I knew that I needed to make changes. Not because he mentioned it to me. Not because I was worried about how I looked. But because I wanted to change for me and how I was feeling on the inside and how I looked at myself in the mirror. I wanted to make changes to be healthier and feel better.

Over the last year I have made changes. Small changes in some areas and big changes in other areas. I was driving home from the gym recently and started to think of all the things that I prioritized in a day and how I had changed. This post is about those changes.

1. D and I are going on vacation very soon. In the past, I would not even consider packing gym clothes. I did not even look to see if there was a fitness center in our hotel and if there was, I certainly was not paying to use it. Now things are different. When packing for vacation or even a work trip, the first thing I put in my suitcase are my running shoes. Next goes in my headphones, armband, socks, designer whey, and workout clothes. I look at the hotel website and find out the fitness center situation. I prepare for how I am going to get my physical activity in each day while I am away from my normal routine. Wherever we go, I check the local running paths. D also knows that fitness is an integral part of my day and so he too will keep an eye out for things I may like and he will share with me what he finds and gives me ideas of things we can do together.
I look forward to Designer Whey smoothies after a tough work out. They never last long.
2. I dislike eating at buffets. We enjoy vacationing in Las Vegas. Vegas is full of buffets and we used to frequent them often. Now D and I do not go to a buffet unless we have to or if it is free. Even if it is free, we still do not typically go. I just do not enjoy buffets anymore. I have become selective with what I eat. I make sure I eat fruits and vegetables and drink water. I had kidney stones a year ago and was told that I was not drinking enough water. Now I drink water and that is pretty much eat. I no longer drink sodas and rarely do I drink tea. I will sometimes drink beer or an alcoholic beverage but my body does not respond well to those anyhow so I do not feel like I am missing out on much.

3. I started to listen to my body. If I get headaches after eating something I do not eat it next time. I start to think about how my body is responding to what I am putting in to it and take mental note.
I purposefully buy vegetables and fruits on a regular basis. In fact, I feel like I have scored a big deal when fruits or veggies are on sale. It used to be that I felt this way about TastyKakes and Hostess cream pies.

4. I look forward to working out. I try to create my schedule so that each day incorporates fitness and wellness. My body craves working out and if I go days without doing so, I feel sluggish, tired, and not motivated to do anything.

5. Protein Shakes, Protein bars, Chia Seeds, Organic granola bars and foods are a normal part of my diet. During the summer I lack energy due to the excessive heat and humidity. I have found that Designer Whey Sustained Energy makes a drastic difference in my energy levels throughout the day. I love that I can make a smoothie with my favorite fruits and veggies and enjoy any time of day and feel full, energized, and ready to work out after a long day of work. If I do not have time to blend up a smoothie, I love that I can put a scoop of Designer Whey Sustained Energy into my blender cup, bring it to work, and mix it up when I feel like I am crashing. Designer Whey Sustained Energy has made a great deal of difference in my energy level, motivation to work out after work, and how I feel in the hot, humid, summer heat.
Designer Whey Sustained Energy has changed the way I work out in the summer. It allows me to work out!
What helps you stay on track in the hot summer heat?

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