Thursday, July 18, 2013

5 Reasons Twitter Parties are Effective & Why You Should Participate

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. This post is based on my personal experience with Twitter parties and I did not conduct a scientific research assessment on this topic; I merely wrote off the cuff about how I feel about twitter parties after hosting one for over a year and participating in many over the past couple of years.

We are now living in a world where social media is a way of life. It makes perfect sense to me why brands and companies would want to be a part of social media. Just like brands and companies advertise their products and services on television or radio in commercial form, they are now hitting social media avenues to do the same thing. One of the ways in which brands reach consumers and potential consumers is through interacting on twitter. This post is about my personal experiences in working with brands on twitter. In reflecting on all the twitter parties that I have participated in, I have identified 5 concrete ways in which I feel that twitter parties can be effective.

1. Twitter parties allow for the consumer to interact with a brand and build a relationship in an open forum and non-scary way. You can be involved in a twitter party, learn about a product or service, and even potentially win prizes by being an active participant and contributing to the conversation or you can be a passive participant and just read tweets as they are posted.
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2. The more twitter use interact with the twitter party, the more potential consumers see the conversation and brand name. There is a potential to reach thousands of consumers through a successful twitter party or hashtag.  Well after the twitter party has ended, there is a potential for consumers to see tweets on the twitter party hashtag even weeks later. Twitter provides the opportunity for consumers to be influenced whether directly or indirectly.

Graphic from the UK Compete Media Study*
3. Twitter parties provide the opportunity for brands to connect, form relationships, and build brand loyalty with consumers by engaging in conversation and answering questions.

4. While participating in the twitter party, consumers who currently use the product can share what works for them which will potentially encourage other consumers to also invest in the brand.

5.Well after a twitter party, the brand is likely to be in the back of a consumer's mind. For example, a month ago, I was on twitter and was not participating in a twitter party however many that I follow were participating. As I was reading through my feed, I learned a lot about a particular brand and product and the next time I was out shopping, I  remembered that brand and went right to their products whereas had I not been on twitter or read about the product, I would have walked right by the items. This particular day, I was shopping at Home Depot with my dad. We were looking at tools and I mentioned to him that I needed a drill. I showed him the Ryobi drill and mentioned that I would like to have one because I had heard good things about the brand. Had I not been on twitter, I would not have been influenced towards Ryobi. In fact, I probably would have stuck with another brand that I had heard about over the years such as Black & Decker.

Why should you participate in a twitter party?
*learn about products or skills on how to use products
*new connections
*network and learn about others
*ask questions that you may have of the product while a brand representative is available

Have you participated in a twitter party? Why or why not? How was the party effective for you as a consumer? As a brand?

**Graphic Source
*Graphic Source

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AurieDesigns said...

I participated in one yesterday! It was fast moving and a lot of fun! Sponsor was @Spellbinders. I was surfing the web and found it. Trying to find another one that's craft related.

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