Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tips and Thoughts on Hair Extensions

It has been years since I had long hair. My hair has been shoulder length or shorter for as long as I can remember. In 7th grade I had long hair that went all the way down my back and landed right above my bottom. I remember loving that my hair was long but it was hard to care for. Currently, I like shoulder length hair, but there are many times that I have wanted to have hair long enough to wear it in a side pony tail or a side braid. I often stumble upon lovely examples of hair styles that I would love to try but do not have long enough hair to do so.
My cousin Ashley has the most gorgeous long hair.
I have considered hair extensions but I know that the cost would be more than I would want to spend. A friend suggested that I try hair extensions that you can purchase at a local beauty supply store and so I began to look into doing so. After doing some research on hair extensions, I thought it may be helpful to share the knowledge that I have obtained.
Hair extensions would have been great for my cousin's wedding! (I'm on the right end with short hair.)
Tip 1:
Consider purchasing human hair extensions. When I first heard of this, I felt somewhat grossed out. I am not sure why since the hair is clean but just the thought of it being from another person's head made me feel funny. The reason that it is important to consider purchasing human hair is because you will be able to style the hair without it melting or shriveling like plastic hair will. You will be able to manipulate, wash, and style the hair extensions without trouble. From what I have read, plastic hair extensions are challenging to care for or style.

Tip 2:
Try to match the hair extension shade as close as possible to your natural (or color treated) hair. Sometimes this can be challenging but keep looking if you do not find the correct shade right away. Consider purchasing your hair extensions online at stores like Beauty Supplies from Capital Hair & Beauty as they have a variety to choose from whether you are looking for human hair, synthetic hair, or feathers. It is better to spend money on a color that you will wear often so that you get the most value for the price you pay.

Tip 3:
Caring for hair extensions does not have to be challenging. You can purchase special hair care and styling products that are made specifically for hair extensions. By caring for your hair extensions you will be able to achieve great looking, long hair, for more than a week.

After doing some research on hair extensions, I realize that they can be a style that requires more maintenance than I am willing to provide. I prefer to get up in the morning, shower, blast my hair with a blowdryer for a couple minutes, and go. I do not spend much time styling my hair in the morning. I am not very good at styling my own hair so I get frustrated with it and give up. I prefer to select hair styles that are low maintenance and allow me to get ready quickly in the morning. I would love to try out hair extensions but I do not think that it would be wise to invest the money if I know that I will not spend a great amount of time caring for the extensions.

Do you have long hair? Do you prefer you had a different hair style? How do you manage your wants for your hair with what is realistic for your lifestyle?

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