Sunday, May 19, 2013

#IWILL. run a Half Marathon Vlog

September will be my 1 year anniversary of when I officially started running. I truly began in January 2012 when I started my weight loss journey but at the time it was so hard for me to run. It was not until September 2012 that I really committed to running. It was in September that I set my first goal to be able to run a 5k.

I did not register to run my first 5k until March 16, 2013; one day before my our one year wedding anniversary. I wanted to do something special to commemorate the weekend and I chose to sign up for my first 5k. The race was cold and rainy but that did not matter. I was over the moon that it was my anniversary weekend and that I finished the race.
I ran my first 5k on March 16, 2013 in my favorite shamrock Pro Compression Socks from D!
I ran 2 additional 5k's in the month of April and now I am excited to officially announce that I am training to run in a half marathon. It is so amazing that I started out not being able to run 5 minutes straight and now I am running 15-20+ miles each week. As my half marathon training increases, so will the miles I run. I am petrified that I will get hurt running during my half marathon training. I am trying to listen to my body, slow things down, take time off when needed, cross train, and stretch. If you are considering the idea of training to run in a half marathon, here is the training schedule that I am following:

*Step-by-Step Half Marathon Training via (FREE)

I love running because I feel empowered. I feel like I can do anything after a long run because running has never been easy for me. I also love that the running community is very supportive and encouraging. There have been many instances when I have needed advice or encouragement and my fellow runners have stepped up to the plate. It is because of other runners' encouragement, words of wisdom, and empowering messages, that I believe that I CAN and WILL run in a half marathon. It is because of the support and encouragement that others have provided that has influenced me to become a member of the What's Beautiful Campaign for Women through Under Armour. The campaign is all about setting a goal and working hard towards meeting that goal. There are so many women involved in this campaign and we encourage and support one another in reaching our goal whatever it may be.
My "What's Beautiful" team has a goal of accomplishing "A First." I share more about what my team "First Timers" means to me in this short YouTube video. I do not make YouTube videos but I believe in this campaign and know that we can help each other achieve our fitness goals. *WARNING* I look terrible wretched in the video. Take a peek and see why...

I hope you will consider joining my team. It is free to join. No pressure; just encouragement and support. If you want to try something for the first time---it can be anything---consider joining us. You will be welcomed with open arms into a warm community of women who are all trying to accomplish "a first."

Join my What's Beautiful Team and set a fitness goal today!

*I was invited to participate in the Under Armour What's Beautiful Campaign as I am an Ambassador for Fitfluential, LLC.

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