Friday, May 24, 2013

Headphones for Women that WORK by Koss

I have tried what seems like every set of headphones on the market. I have tried the standard white iPhone headphones that came with my phone and they hurt my ears something fierce. Not to mention the sound quality was not the best. D purchased me a pair of Bose headphones and although the sound quality was great, they would constantly fall out of my ears while running or working out. There is nothing more irritating than having to mess with your headphones while you are focused and in to your workout.

While running, I am motivated by music. The beat of music keeps me focused on something other than the struggle I feel internally to keep going. The music helps me keep pace with my timing goals, pumps me up when I am feeling close to quitting, and pushes me when I most need it. Running with music is a critical part of the experience and I have found through trial and error that having a good set of headphones is invaluable. 
Dara Torres helped design and create the FitSeries for Women
As a Fitfluential Ambassador, I was invited to try the brand new line of women's headphones by Koss. I was sent 2 styles of headphones to try which I will describe in detail each product and what I love about them.
I received coral FitBuds and yellow FitClips. I love them both!

Great for people who like headphones that go over the ear. I love to run in headphones that go over my ear. Sometimes I can be a clutz and will get my hand or arm tangled in my headphones chord while I am running and yank out my headphones. With the over the ear clip option, I do not experience this challenge all that often. These headphones are comfortable to run in and they do not slip and slide around your ear when you are sweating a great deal.
These great headphones are available in several colors and the cost will not break the bank.
*Available in 5 delicious colors: Coral, Mint, Lime, Purple, or Blue
*Sweat Resistant
*Made just for women by women
*Soft flex clips come in 3 sizes (small, medium, large)
*Great for cardio at the gym or running
Tip: While on a run, I clipped the wires to my shirt which helped keep the cord out of my way. 
Cost: a very reasonable $29.99 (see discount code below!)

Only 33 milimeeters in diameter, these ear buds are 33% smaller than the standard pair. These buds are made for women. The require some trial and error to get used to how to correctly place them inside the ear for the best fit. If you put them in your ear and push them down, you should experience fantastic sound quality. What I love about these is that I have not experienced them falling out of my ear. They do not even feel close to falling out like other leading brands. It was refreshing to wear these and not be faced with messing with putting them back in my ear while in the middle of a run.
*Sweat Resistant
*Color options-coral, mint, purple, blue, and lime
*Cost: very reasonable price of $29.99 (see discount code below)

Are you in the market for a new pair of headphones? Visit KOSS and purchase the Fitclips or Fitbuds and receive $5 off your order + free shipping with the code FIT4LIFE

Koss is so excited about this new product that they are offering several giveaways to fans who interact with them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and their website. Stop by and enter to win a pair of FitClips or FitBuds today! 

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