Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Andy Warhol, Mad Men, and Nars Cosmetics

Life has been pretty hectic around these parts lately but that does not mean that I have not been doing my homework when it comes to late spring and early summer style. D and I just booked our summer vacation and now I am preparing my list of clothes, cosmetics, and shoes that I need to buy before we set off on our adventure in late July.

I hate packing and unpacking so I plan to choose outfits that allow me to mix and match. Sundresses, maxi's, wedges, shorts, tanks, and the like will be coming with me; nothing too out of the ordinary. Packing outfits should be easy. In trying to decide what make up I would want to pack, I realized that I need to replenish some staples in my beauty collection.  When going on a vacation, I always like to bring new things; that includes cosmetics. It makes the vacation feel that much more special and exciting.

I love to shop online and took some time this past weekend to begin looking for new cosmetics. I stumbled upon the new Nars Spring 2013 Collection and loved that I could get Nars UK at Beautique, an upscale online shop full of beauty products. In the past when I have used NARS, I do not have to reapply make up throughout the day. Because we are going to a tropical place for vacation, I know that wearing long-lasting cosmetics will be key to not looking like a hot, melted, mess throughout the vacation.

While shopping for NARS products, I quickly fell for the Andy Warhol Limited Addition artist palette. Each palette comes with several shades of showstopping eyeshadow. My favorite Andy Warhol palette consists of blues and greens as you can see below.
Andy Warhol eyeshadow palette with black, blue, and light green
Andy Warhol eyeshadow palette with dark brown, pink, and light blue
I know that I will treat myself to a mani/pedi before leaving on a jet plane so I could not help but fall for a few new NARS nail polish colors. I don't know about you, but I am thinking that the Nars Spring 2013 Collection gives off a Mad Men vibe with their classy and bold nail polish colors. My favorites include an iridescent green along with a bold, opaque, orange as pictured below.
NARS Cosmetics Nail Polish
Typically I would wear these shades during the fall but since we are going to a tropical place for vacation, I think the bright orange would be fabulous on my toes. The iridescent green, however, will have to wait until the fall.

Do you ever treat yourself to special, limited edition make up before you go on vacation?

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