Saturday, April 27, 2013

the power of influence

This weekend I am in Myrtle Beach to run the Diva 5k with my mom and sister. Since I live far away from my mom and sister, we very rarely get together for girl time so this weekend is especially fun.

This morning we woke up and went for a short run. I have been ill with strep throat so have not run in over a week so I wanted to make sure that I could still run before the "big" race tomorrow. It was nice to run with my mom and sister. We had never done that before so it was really cool.

While we were walking back to our condo, my mom and sister were telling me how much I had motivated them to start running. They said that when I had invited them to join me in running the race that they had no intentions of really running it but then once they signed up, they were motivated to at least try. Now they are both prepared to run 3.1 miles tomorrow with me.
my sister allison and i devouring some chocolate cake
It felt so good to hear them say that I had helped them learn to love running. It is great to hear that I had motivated them to start living a healthier lifestyle by exercising more often. I was truly surprised and honored. I had no idea that they were motivated by me. I just thought that they were interested in joining me on an adventure. I am so proud of them. I am proud of me. Running is not easy. That is what is so empowering about it.

It is eye opening when you realize that you have positive influence on important people in your life. As we were taking turns getting our swimsuits on before heading to the pool, my sister also told me that although she rarely reads my blog, she was influenced by a post I had written on Clear shampoo. She told me that she had been having some trouble with her hair and based on my review, she gave Clear a try. She told me that she has been very happy with Clear and it has made her hair more manageable and full. She thanked me for being a positive influence and for writing that post because she was able to find a product that works well for her. Had she not read my review, she would not have tried Clear. Again, it felt really good to hear that I was able to be a positive influence.

When you think about it, you are influencing people all the time. What you say, how you act, what you wear, how you carry yourself, how you treat others, all influences people you interact with in some shape or form. Whether your behavior is positive or negative can influence others.

How do you influence others?

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