Friday, March 8, 2013

Good Customer Service & a Thank You for Southwest Air

My preferred airline has always been Southwest Airlines. For years, I have loved their customer service, friendly and fun staff, reliable flights, reasonable fare prices, and no penalties to cancel or change your flight. Not to mention it is fantastic to not have to worry about checking your bag while saying good bye to $25+ of your hard earned money.
A year or two ago, Southwest started offering wi-fi on select flights for a very reasonable fare of $5. If I was flying across the country, I would eagerly pay the $5 so that I could blog, shop online, tweet, spend time on social media, etc. Recently Southwest raised their wi-fi fare to $8. Still not absurd but not worth $8 either.

For some reason the $5 service seemed faster, more reliable, and easier to use. As I flew home from a convention in Las Vegas, I was planning to check my work email and catch up on some things while flying. I paid the $8 and expected the same quality of wi-fi that I had received many times prior with the $5 service.

I was mistaken. For $8 I was able to access my email once. I was able to access facebook and tweetcaster but not twitter. I was unable to access my blog and other websites. I received consistent time out messages.
Disappointed, I tweeted.
To my surprise, I received a very nice tweet back from Southwest Airlines customer service twitter rep who apologized for my experience and offered a refund within the hour.
As a customer, I feel heard. I feel valued by Southwest and I will continue to have faith in the way they do business. I will be more likely to give their wi-fi a try again in the future and I won't talk badly about my experience. I appreciate that Southwest values me as a customer. I appreciate that Southwest pays attention to their customer's thoughts and tries to rectify complaints. I cannot say the same for all hem US Air.

With anything, there is always a lesson to be learned. In the future, I will directly contact a company with thoughts or concerns that I have regarding their service(s) and give them a chance to rectify the situation before putting them on blast.

Southwest Air, I apologize and hope we can still be good friends.

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