Monday, March 25, 2013

Dreaming of Spring. Or Summer.

Typically Delaware weather does not bother me. Our meteorologist tends to tell us that we will get snow all the time but we never do. We always just miss it somehow. Last night however, they were right on the money. We did get some of the snow that the rest of the country seems to be getting pelted with. I woke up this morning and looked out the window to a blanket of beautiful white snow. That prompted me to want to get back in to my warm bed with my fur babies. I looked at my calendar for the day and realized that with a budget meeting on the agenda for the day, I surely could not work from home or take a sick day. I would have to suck it up and go in.

I got up. Showered. Walked Polo. Went to Dunkin Donuts for coffee. Then I remembered that it is spring break! None of my students would be at work. The campus would be a ghost town and I could get a lot of things done! Woot!
On my way to work...this is when the daydreaming began. I was stuck in traffic.
I got to the office and the snow turned to rain. The white blanket of snow was no longer beautiful. It was now gray, sloppy, slush. I began to daydream about spring. Or Summer. Or anywhere that is warm. Then I began shopping. That is what I do when I feel down. Shop.

I tend to shop for the thing that I need the least. Shoes. Oh I love and adore shoes. Because I am yearning for warmer temps, I began sandal shopping.

Did you know that you can create custom Havaianas? You can. I have been playing with the colors and gems for the past couple of days and this morning I finally made a decision to go with pink and black. While sipping my coffee and listening to the rain against the window, I quickly made myself a pair of sandals and can't wait for them to arrive. Aren't they divine?!
The Havaianas custom sandal maker is very easy to use. It took me a few seconds to make a pair of adorable sandals and put jewels on them.

Havainas are so comfortable, perfect for gift giving , and can be worn for any occasion. I love the bridal collection too! Here are a some of my favorites.

The Slim Crystal Poem Limited Edition Flip Flop
Slim Cool Flip Flop

Slim Graphic Flip Flop

Are you ready for sandal weather? What are your favorites?

4 thoughts:

SassyLemonade said...

Those Sandals are Super Cute! I can't wait till Spring finally gets to Washington as well. Hope your snow weather leaves soon.


Gina Phillips {Hiya Luv} said...

Thanks!! Me too! A pedi and a pair of sandals would do me good right about now!:)
Sent from my iPad

Melissa said...

Sandal shopping is the perfect idea in this never-ending winter season!

Gina Phillips {Hiya Luv} said...

Thanks Melissa! It made me feel better:) Now when they arrive I will get a pedi promptly!:)

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