Monday, March 25, 2013

A Locket Full of Childhood Memories and Love

My parents divorced when I was in fifth grade. It was a challenging time in my life and it still can be sometimes. It is difficult to go home to Ohio to visit family and to still feel that pull between both parents. My siblings don't seem to be bothered by the silent, forceful, pull like I am. I always feel guilty if I spend more time with my mom over my dad or the other way around. I often wonder if the guilt and inner turmoil that I experience when I go home for the holidays or even for the weekend is something that I internally create for myself?

One year for my birthday I was given a personalized necklace. I was really excited to receive it because it was special. I love hearts. I love that the the heart pendant opened. I loved that it was unique and personal to me.
Inside the locket is a photograph of my mom on one side and my dad on the other side. The personalized locket was and is still very meaningful and although I no longer wear it often, I keep it in a safe place. The locket represents the love I have for my parents and at the same time symbolizes their independence of one another since they are on their own sides of the locket.
I have happy memories of my childhood even with divorced parents. This locket reminds me of the love and care that my parents have for me; even now that I am an adult. That is why there is that silent pull. I know that even though I am 31, my parents still want to spend as much time with me as possible because I am still their little girl.

Do you have a trinket that you hold dear? 

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