Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday in Ann Arbor, Michigan

D and I are in Ann Arbor, Michigan for a few days to see the Michigan Wolverines take on the Ohio State Buckeyes in college hoops on Tuesday nights. D and I are both big college sports fans. In fact, D is a Wolverine and I am a Buckeye. If you are familiar with college sports, you know that we have quite a rivalry between us because of our team affiliation.
Photo Credit: Jimmy Howard, October 2011 
D played basketball when he was in high school and thus is very much into college hoops. I'd say he enjoys hoops more than football. Last year, D wanted to be at the Michigan v. Ohio State game so badly and we could not make our flights or get tickets at that point because they were too expensive. This year, I set out early to make his wish so.

I booked our flights and hotel in September before basketball season ever started. I then began making contacts at the University of Michigan Athletics to find out when I could get tickets to the big game. It was quite discouraging at first because I was told that if we were not donor's or current season ticket holders that it was going to be very hard to get tickets. After many conversations with a contact in the marketing department, I was able to score us 2 tickets in the all-you-can-eat section called the Wolverine Den. D was beside himself with excitement when he found out...
So fast forward, we are here in Ann Arbor on Super Bowl Sunday and we are looking for some fun local sports bars with good drink and food specials. We have talked with many people and scoured the internet for information and we have been disappointed with the selection of local hang outs with good deals. We have been able to find fun local places to watch the game such as Good Time Charley's, Fraser's Pub, Brown Jug, or the Blue Leprechaun, but we are told that they will be rowdy and it will be hard to hear the game and the commercials. Many have recommended places like Damon's Grill or Buffalo Wild Wings. We were hoping to find a place like Miller's Ale House in Florida; a local place that is not so much a national chain. We have not been successful just yet but we will prevail.

One thing is for sure---even though there is lots of snow, the weather is currently 11 degrees and overcast, we are in great spirits, having a fun time, and enjoying one another.

That is all that matters, right?

What are you up to this Super Bowl Sunday?

2 thoughts:

Meg said...

11 degrees?! That's nuts!! I hope you two have a great time! Xo

Gina Phillips {Hiya Luv} said...

Yea it is frigid! I used to live in Toledo which is not too far away and now I remember why I moved away 8 years ago! :)

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