Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How to Save Money on Haircuts & Highlights

I tend to try to go as long as possible between highlights and hair cuts. Looking good can be so expensive sometimes and although my hair plays into how I feel about myself, I can be so cheap. I often want to find a groupon or sale to get my hair done. Paying $150 plus tip every couple of months can really add up. A colleague of mine recently had her hair done by a beauty school student and it looked amazing. I promptly made an appointment to do the same and I will very pleased with the results. It was a win-win situation. The student enjoyed gaining some additional experience, I enjoyed the service and the fact that I saved some money.

Here are a few ideas that could save you some money:
1. Check out your local beauty supply shop to purchase supplies.
2. Consider visiting your local beauty school and signing up to get a haircut with a qualified student.
3. Try it yourself. *I don't have the confidence to do this as I can barely brush my hair without making a mess, but I do know many who do color and treat their own hair and it turns out okay.
4. Get creative. Look for groupon or living social deals. Look for coupons online in your local area. Check out yelp for recommendations.
5. Download the app snip snap. Snip Snap offers many coupons are at your fingertips!

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