Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Charming Gift Idea for Valentine's Day

For the fun of it, I created a Valentine's Day wishlist. I feel somewhat greedy in doing so however as my husband, family, and friends were very generous in their gift-giving this past holiday season. In some ways I feel guilty but D has been asking me what I would like for Valentine's Day and for our upcoming one year wedding anniversary.

The past few years I have been gifted jewelry for Valentine's Day and special occasions and I love receiving thoughtful and sentimental gifts. This year, I am going to ask D for a Pandora charm bracelet. That way he can add to the bracelet with charms that hold special meaning such as this adorable 4 leaf clover charm for our anniversary! 
Our Anniversary is St. Patrick's Day and this would be a perfect gift!

My family and friends could purchase charms to add to my bracelet that reflect my personality and intersts. Really the possibilities are endless! I keep telling D that a Pandora bracelet is a gift that I can enjoy for years to come. I love the versatility and ability to switch out charms to coordinate with my mood, outfit, or special occasion.

Do you have a Pandora charm bracelet?

2 thoughts:

aliciamariel said...

I love my pandora bracelet! And even though my hubby is very thoughtful in gifts, this makes it easy on him when he wants to give me something. When he first got it for me he was like "So, I can just give you a charm and it counts as a gift?" - like it's too easy. And now that I've added to it with charms from trips, kids birthstones, etc., it's like having a scrapbook on my wrist. I love glancing down during the day and remembering some good times!

Gina Phillips {Hiya Luv} said...

That is awesome:) I am thinking that the gift giving will become easier for Dave now:)
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