Sunday, December 9, 2012

Introducing Another New Family Member

A couple weeks ago I wrote about our newest family member, Sox. This past week we added another family member to our humble abode. When we picked up Sox we also noticed his adorable brother. We did not think that we could handle more than one kitty at the time and we were also worried about Polo's reaction. After a few weeks of constantly wondering what it would be like to have Sox's brother and if he would make things easier for us, we decided to pick him up for a "trial." *I knew all along there was no way I could give the kitten back but the "trial" term is what got D to agree.

We picked up Philly on Thursday night and we were really nervous. We were nervous that it would be too much chaos in the house. Sox was so crazy and out of control. We wanted Philly to hopefully ease some of that but we were also worried if they would get along.
Philly was nervous too as he went #2 on himself in his carrier on the way home. We quickly found out that Philly was experiencing seperation anxiety from leaving his sister. As soon as we got him to the house, he rubbed noses with Sox and they remembered each other. They instantly connected and played all night. The first night was really rough because they did nothing but play with one another.
Sox and Philly
Now they are inseparable and they snuggle, sleep, eat, and play together. They are so happy together and I cannot believe how easier things have been having both of them together.
snuggly, sleeping brothers
Besides cleaning the litter box and filling double food bowls, they are so easy to care for. I would recommend getting 2 kitties together because they play with one another and get into less trouble.

Do you have pets?

2 thoughts:

Jenny said...

I'm sooooo glad you went back to get his brother. Those two are obviously going to be BFFs. Polo is probably thrilled that Sox has someone else to play with....or should I say harass! Congrats on the newest addition to your rapidly growing family.

Gina Phillips {Hiya Luv} said...

Thanks Jenny!!! I am so glad that we went back to get him also:) Polo is doing so much better now that Philly is here. He even tries to play with both Sox and Philly. It is really cute and we are all doing so well. You are correct; Polo likes that Sox has someone else to harass;)!!

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