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Introducing Lil' Alice & Free Shipping!

Hi Friends!

You know that I just love to showcase handmade shops. I appreciate the hard work, time, and skill that it takes to produce an amazing handmade product that people want to buy. I just love the Lil' Alice shop and I know that you will too!

I asked Katy (shop owner and creator) of Lil' Alice to share with us a little bit about her and being a handmade business owner.

Katy is a happy wife to husband Rich & a proud mom to Zakkery, 13 & Jeremiah 10. They reside in the Great Lake State. She's a self taught sewer and she writes a majority of her patterns dimensions in a notebook. She is amazing! :)

1. When did you start blogging?
In 2009 my son, age 9, was diagnosed with a wheat allergy and I started blogging about his new way of eating which was Gluten Free. I had no idea what that diet was so I dove into the Internet researching all I could. I documented my struggles and my accomplishments. I eventually quit blogging,  that season in my life didn't allow the time to invest in it.

I started blogging for lil' alice 1.11.11. At the time I started blogging, lil' alice was about 9 months old. It offers behind the scene peeks at my lil' piece of heaven, sneak peeks at new items etc. lil' alice became a biz 1.1.12 and the name was trademarked. I am still astounded and flattered by every order that I receive, process, make, package & ship. I love sewing & I love giving someone a piece of handmade love.

2. What motivates you to blog and have a handmade shop?

I must confess, I have a hard time blogging but I do it because I am excited to show a sneak peek or show a new item that is showing up on the virtual shelves.  Having a space to sew and go to is my slice of heaven. It's very relaxing for me to sew. It doesn't feel like a job.  I am a morning person, so I wake up at  6 am on Saturday morning just to sew. I can spend a few hours in the shoppe before I hear any rustling around in the house. It's pure bliss.

3. What is your favorite aspect of being a handmade shop owner?
Having control of all aspects of a biz. I'm a bit of a control freak anyway. I like making my hours. I work outside of the home 10-20 hours a week. So I sew during the day when my boys are at school. Some nights I may get to the shoppe for an hour or so after dinner & homework is done. Some nights I don't & that's okay. I am very good at time management & I'm not a procrastinator so I look ahead and know how much time I will need in the shop to get orders processed and shipped. 

4. What is your favorite way to celebrate the holidays?
I'm celebrating my 15th wedding anniversary on November 22 (thanksgiving day) so my sweet husband insisted we skip town and go somewhere. So we are off to Las Vegas next week. That's how we will celebrate Thanksgiving!

I love Christmas! It's full of entertaining and hosting family meals throughout the month of December. I love building & investing in relationships with friends & family & during the holidays there are a lot of opportunities to do that.

My favorite tradition was something that I established as I shopped for my sons first Christmas. I have 2 sons and they each get three gifts for Christmas from Mom & Dad (and Santa leaves 1 combined gift). My reason, that is what Jesus received. Simple. The boys really think hard about what they really want instead of making a long list and expect every wish to show up under the tree.  It has paid off as they get older because their gifts are getting more expensive.

Isn't Katy fantastic! Stop by her blog, twitter, facebook, or pinterest and say hi!

Place an order at Lil' Alice and receive FREE SHIPPING through December 31, 2012!

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Really pretty items. LOVE the apron! :O)

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