Friday, November 16, 2012

How to Prep for Black Friday

While the Thanksgiving feast is cooking all day long, I am scouring through the Black Friday sale ads. I love to create my plan of attack based on the best deals that I can find for typically things that I do not need but they are such a good deal that they can't be passed up.
This year I have started early. Don't you worry; just like the Thanksgiving Day parade is an annual occurrence, the scouring through ads on Thanksgiving day will still occur as it is a tradition.
I already have my black sharpie marker and scissors for coupon-clipping ready.
This year I am trying to be more strategic. I am more frugal than ever as D and I are trying to pay off all the years that I charged things that I wanted but could not afford. This year, I am on a budget and I have made a list of things that I don't want, but need. I am on the hunt to get more bang for my buck and I'm going to make a plan and stick to it.
I started the scouring of ads tradition early this year. I began my Black Friday prep by making a list of items that I need and looking at ads online. Macy's is having a HUGE Black Friday sale and has created interactive Black Friday and Cyber Monday pages that you can also access from your smart phone.  There’s also a tool on their website for making your Black Friday shopping list as well as these really helpful Holiday Gift Guides. This made it easy for me to compile a list of things that I need so that I can start shopping online before the stores even open! Having my shopping list accessible on my phone is going to be a great asset when I am in a rush on Black Friday.
Some of the online Black Friday deals are unreal! I am eying up a new tote by Calvin Klein that is on sale for $99 from $198!
D could also use some new clothes and I was shocked at some of the deals you can get on designer labels like Lauren by Ralph Lauren or Nautica at Macy's. I added this Nautica fleece to my list for D.
My list at Macy's is so long that I know that I will not be able to purchase everything. Not to worry, however, because I have just made holiday shopping for my family members so much easier. Macy's gives you the ability to email, tweet, facebook, or print your wish list so that you can share with family and friends.
In fact, I emailed D my list and then emailed him separately what I really want for Christmas. I figure that if I tell him a couple of times, he will get the idea that I really want this item and he can get it on Black Friday from Macy's for an amazing deal.
What is on your Black Friday wish list? 

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