Saturday, July 21, 2012


My birthday was odd this year. I woke up to well wishes from D, text messages from family members and tweets from twitter followers. But between the "happy birthday" tweets and the RT's about my Junie Blake giveaway, there were tweets about the tragedy that had taken place in Aurora, Colorado. I felt awful and sick to my stomach to hear about the death toll and the number of people hurt. The suspect graduated from the University of California, Riverside, where I used to work. I scanned my memory. Did I know him? He graduated in 2010 so if he lived on campus he could have lived my building? I looked for a photo of him. Does he look familiar? I don't think so....

I turned off the news right away. I felt depressed and sick to my stomach. Selfishly I thought, "not on my birthday. I don't want to see the tragedy unfold on my birthday." So I tried my best to just carry on with my day. I went to work, yoga class, and then home. I peeked at my twitter feed every now and again when I received a message and saw updates about the tragedy. I felt so sad but was still trying to have a good time even though my heart was filled with sadness.

After work D and I had planned to go see Batman. I told him that I was not feeling up to it but I would like to see Spiderman instead. I couldn't sit through Batman waiting for the moment that he started shooting. I didn't want to imagine the situation or think about what people had to go through while trying to enjoy a movie. I was nervous about going to the movies at all. What if there is another attack because of all the media attention?


July 20, 2012 was such a sad day and a day I will never forget.

How did you spend July 20, 2012?

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