Monday, June 11, 2012

My Favorite Fitness iPhone apps

I adore my iPhone and tend to have it attached to me at all times. I pretty much treat it like an appendage. Over the top? Probably. Do I care? Not in the least.

Here are three of my favorite fitness apps for my iPhone.

Brought to users by Subaru and powered by MapMyFitness, this app is wonderful for anyone who walks their dog daily and wants to track their mileage. I take my pup on at least two 10-15 minute walks a day. Sometimes my walks are longer. I wanted to start tracking the distance of our walks and downloaded this app. It is super easy to use. I love that it maps your walk and allows you to save the route, computes distance, calories burned, and mile(s) per hour. You can cheer on your "friends" and share routes with them also. If you are a dog walker, I highly recommend.
Cost: Free
iPhone Screenshot 2
In January I promised myself that I would get in shape and lose weight in 2012. I have been successful at this goal due to some wonderful apps. The Nike+GPS app has helped me on this journey.
Like the WalkMyDog app, the Nike+GPS app allows you to track your run, make notes on the weather, terrain, how you are feeling, and on the route. You can save each work out and it will track your speed, distance, and calories burned. What I love the most is while running, you can listen to music and still use the app. When accomplishing a milestone such as 1 mile for example, a pleasant voice lets you know the distance and speed. If you reach a goal, the same pleasant voice will cheer you on and encourage you to keep going. You can link this app to your facebook and invite your friends to cheer you on also however I have not tried that. 
Cost: $1.99
iPhone Screenshot 1
5K Runner: Couch-to-5K
I really enjoy running but sometimes I need some guidance and coaching. I really like this app because I knew that I would be more successful at running if I started with a program that would teach me how to work up my endurance. The app gives you a patterned workout that alternates between walking and running. Over time you build up endurance and can run longer and walk less. You can earn badges, tweet or facebook your success, and track your progress. This app is great for beginners who are trying to jumpstart their workout plan.
Cost: Free (for the lite version), $2.99 for full version

iPhone Screenshot 3

What are your favorite apps for your iPhone and your iPad?
I always love hearing about new apps that can make life more productive, easier, and fun. I invite you to share your favorite apps by leaving a comment at the end of this post.

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