Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Thoughts on the April Birchbox

When I first heard about Birchbox I was so excited to sign up and receive mine in the mail. It took several months to get notification that I could sign up adding to the suspense and raising my expectations. I am going to share my thoughts and opinions on my box and the items that I received. I am not being paid for this post; all thoughts are my own.

1. In mid-April I received my Birchbox and was immediately impressed by the presentation. The quality of the box and the tissue paper wrapped items with a bow. As I unwrapped the items I was surprised at how small the samples were. I know that "deluxe" samples are small because I receive them when I order from Sephora and Smashbox but I guess I was expecting more for $10. Perhaps I am too used to getting deluxe samples for free with an order which made me feel like I was not getting enough for my $10.

2. Viva la Juicy perfume sample. I love this scent and was excited to receive a sample size spray. This was my favorite part of the box.

3. June Jacobs Pumpkin Enzyme Polish. This was my second favorite item in the box. This pumpkin-scented scrub can be used on the face and body. The pumpkin scent is refreshing and leaves the skin feeling refreshed.

4. Color Club Nail polish in Age of Aquarius. The nail polish is a fun bright green color that calls attention to your nails. Trouble is that I did not like the finish of the polish. I found that the polish needed longer drying time than others such as OPI or Essie.  I also thought that the polish didn't go on well. It was sheer and took three coats to acheive color consistency.

5. Showstoppers fashion tape. Double sided tape that can help hide bra straps and hold up hems. I have not tried these just yet.

6. Be Fine Exfoliating Scrub. The scent of the scrub is yummy. Trouble is that the scrub was completely dried up and caked so it was unusable.

7. Be Fine daily moisturizer with sunscreen. The sunscreen was expired so I did not use it. Birchbox emailed recipients that received expired sunscreen and offered 100 points if you filled out a form. 100 points is worth $10 on their site.

Overall, I expected more for $10. I was disappointed in the Showstoppers fashion tape because it is something I won't use. I was even more disappointed by the dried up scrub and expired sunscreen. I did cancel my subscription because I was not satisfied. I have read mixed reviews on Birchbox and get the idea that each month varies so it is hit or miss.

Have you tried Birchbox? What are your thoughts?

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Bravoerunway said...

Hmmm...Gina the April box was actually nature inspired so a lot of reviews pretty much had the same response..it was average. I have been a member for 7 months and like we tweeted earlier today this is my last box. After reviewing glossybox, and seeing other people's box this month from the highly anticipated gossip girl inspiration...it was a bunch of junk that I didn't like.

Paige said...

I subscribed for a year, and it was hit or miss. I finally gave it up because I didn't think it was worth the $10 a month. Just my two cents...

Ashley said...

I just subbed so my first box was the May gossip girl box but I follow a lot of bloggers who had the same feelings about the April box especially because of the Befine products being expired. There are lots of other subs on the market now if one doesn't suit you there is always another :) If your up for it Beauty Army is $12 a month and you get to pick your samples and even skip a month if you don't like the samples they have to offer you that month, might be worth looking into.

Gina Phillips said...

Hey Ashley! Thanks for the heads up about beauty army. This is one sub i have not heard about and I will be happy to check out. I like the idea of being able to pick out my samples and then skipping a month if there is nothing i want to try out. I appreciate your comment and the heads up! :)Gina

Gina Phillips said...

I hear ya friend:)

Gina Phillips said...

Thanks for your comment. I am so glad we met through twitter and you have opened my eyes to so many other sub boxes. I am excited to try others and to read more on your blog! You are fab:)

Ashley said...

Anytime glad I could help!

Lena Leson said...


Chrissy Farnan said...


Well I guess I'm glad I did not sign up. I saw you mention it and had to be put on a wait and then received the open for registration. I may look into others! Too bad.

Hope you are doing well :o)

Gina Dixon {Hiya Luv} said...

Hey friend! I am doing well! How are you? Yea, I wouldn't recommend it. If i were you, I would sign up for influenster. I will write about it soon. It is free but you earn badges. Check it out at influenster.com

Lauren Bird said...

I cancelled my subscription after two months

Gina Dixon {Hiya Luv} said...

Hey Lauren,
I remember chatting with you about my disappointment on twitter right after I received my box. I was so bummed out. As usual, you made me feel better and not so alone in how I was feeling:)

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