Monday, May 21, 2012

The Chelsea Atlantic City

In late March I purchased a Living Social deal for a stay at The Chelsea Atlantic City for D's birthday which was in April. Last weekend we finally got around to using it. I was so excited to go away for the weekend with the Mr. and was also really excited to check out The Chelsea.
The Chelsea Hotel on the Atlantic City Boardwalk
We go to Atlantic City a couple times a year at least and we have been wanting to try out The Chelsea so the Living Social deal was perfect timing.

We arrived at The Chelsea and were greeted by a laid back and friendly valet tenant who was filled with information about the hotel. He told us the history of the hotel and the good places to eat while visiting. Right off we were impressed at the customer service. 

The front desk staff were no different. The ladies at the desk were just as nice and accommodating as the valet tenant even while dealing with a rambunctious group of college students who had evidently destroyed the 3rd floor and were checking out.

Before arriving to our room I noticed the retro furniture and fixtures. The lights, stair railings, floors, walls; everything had a retro vintage feel to it. I was in love. I felt like I had stepped back in time.

When we arrived at our room we were pleased with the size. I try out the bed right away and was happy with the "down" comforter and linens. The bathroom was pink tile with a gray bathtub. Of course I was a fan of the room also! I enjoyed the balcony that looked over the swimming pool.
We did not stay in the room long. Just long enough to drop off our belongings and head to one of the nearby casino's.

The next morning we woke up early and ate breakfast at a delicious restaurant in The Chelsea called Teplitskey's. I ordered challah french toast stuffed with sweet cream and fresh berries while D ordered their biggest breakfast that included pretty much everything from the menu. He wanted to sample it all because he could not figure out what to order. After stuffing our faces and wholeheartedly enjoying our meal, we left Tepliskey's happy and wanting to come back.
The Chelsea Hotel, Atlantic City Teplitzky's

Next time we visit Atlantic City, The Chelsea is the first place we will be looking for reservations. I highly recommend it if you like genuine good customer service, clean, stylish, vintage, boutique-like hotels.

2 thoughts:

Bravoerunway said...

I've never been to atlantic city and would love to visit someday. OK that food looks soooooooooo good.

Gina Phillips said...

It is a fun time for sure and the fun was fantastic! I want to go back just for the food:) ha!

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