Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Without my iPhone...

The past couple of days Dave and I have been in the middle of the mountains in rural Pennyslvania visiting my grandma. We had a great time relaxing by the fire, eating amazing home cooked meals, and besides wi-fi being completely cut off from the world via cell phone. When we arrived at my grandma's I turned off my phone and didn't look at it for a couple of days.

I am glued to my phone. I am constantly entertained by it as the iPhone has my "life" on it. I typically use my iPhone now more than my laptop. I play games, pay bills, tweet, read blogs, etc. on my phone. As I hadn't paid any attention to it in 2 days, I did not feel a sense of urgency if I did not have it on me.

As we were leaving my grandma's today we were rushing. We had just learned that the rain we had been expecting to fall in the late afternoon/evening hours had turned into a wintery mix and was to arrive around noon. It was 10am and the rain had arrived. As we rushed around the house gathering our belongings, grabbed leftovers that my grandma had packed us, I didn't think about looking for my phone.

On the way home the rain was quite a wintery mix with the temperatures dropping. Polo sat on my lap like a good boy and I held on to him and tried not to be nervous about the weather as we drove around the twists and turns of the mountains. Dave drove but I could tell he was nervous driving my little Honda Civic through the mountains. (He is always super nervous driving with Polo in the car anyhow and the weather didn't help at all.)

When we got close to home Dave mentioned that since we now had cell phone reception that I should call my grandma and let her know we were almost home. I could not find my purse anywhere.

Scatter brained.

Sinking stomach.

I had left my wallet, purse, and iPhone at my grandma's 3.5 hours away. I was tempted to turn around and drive back however was talked out of it by Dave due to the weather.

Mad at myself I keep asking, "How do I forget something so important? Why am I always so scattered?"

I don't have an answer. I don't know how to fix my scatter brain. That bothers me.

I am meeting up with my grandma tomorrow half way for lunch. I feel so bad about my mistake.

Without my iPhone I realize how much I depend on it for so many things. It is kind of peaceful not to have it. I have been reading on my kindle, I blogged!, wrapped gifts for Dave's family, cleaned the house!, and am eager to sew. I haven't been eager to sew in weeks.

So iPhone, I love you so...but I have a totally new perspective.

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Chrissy Farnan said...

Hi, I do know how you felt when you realized - no phone. I have turned around even while on a short trip to the store when just going to the store and coming home would have been the faster/easier option but I felt helpless without my phone.

I was just talking to my Mom this AM about how things are so different then they were years ago. Cell phones, remember "pagers" and before that when I was in college - no pones at all - good ole' cordless in the apartment that I shared with 3 other girls.

How times change - maybe one day we will be flying around in the Jetsons space sprockets and can visit friends in a flash!!


Paige said...

Don't be mad... Just embrace the opportunity that you get a little more time this Christmas with your grandmother!

I would be lost without mine too, but I have loved shutting down my phone and laptop this Christmas and being with my family. : )

Sarah said...

Enjoy the new perspective! But for convenience sake I hope you get your phone back soon :)

Jilly said...

Ah that would be a nightmare! It does feel good to switch off for a bit though.. im doing my best to cut down my iphone use, but its SO addictive! I just get so much more done without checking twitter/facebook/silly games every 5 minutes!

hollycroft94 said...

honey, I so sympathise, I'm constantly scatterbrained. Just try to look at it this way, you get to see your Grandma again :) xox

Gina {Hiya Luv} said...

haha! thanks friend!:) We had a great lunch together so it wasn't so bad!

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