Friday, July 8, 2011

My thoughts on Triberr.

I have received many invites from friends to join Triberr. As I am usually the first to get excited about trying a new social media goodie, I have been hesitant about this one from the beginning.


Triberr is sweet! It retweets your posts by all those in your tribe. That is awesome exposure for your posts!!!

Yes! It sure is. But is it positive exposure?
I will say that over the past couple of weeks as many of my twitter friends have joined Triberr my twitter stream has been inundated with tweets, tweets, and more tweets of the same thing from various people.
No matter how great the tweet is, it just looks like spam to me. And quite honestly it makes me sad. I know people work really hard on their posts and all they want is for people to read their posts. But honestly, I am less likely to click on a link if I see it a million times in a blank RT without any comment before it or after from the person doing the RT. I skip over it. And it is not like the tweet is timed to go out minutes or hours apart. The tweets go out at the same time so in my stream it appears like 5-10+ of the same thing.  ( I would show an example but I don't want to hurt feelings. That is not my intention here. My intention is only to say why I haven't joined any tribes and why Triberr isn't for me.)

Perhaps it all depends on how and why you use twitter? I use twitter as a way to connect one on one with others. I am more likely to click on a link if I see it one time. From you. I enjoy responding to you about your link.

Am I missing the point about Triberr? Maybe you can help me understand.

6 thoughts:

Mama Pea said...

I guess I'm late to the party on this one. I didn't even know what Triberr was, but this explains a lot. When I see multiple, repeat tweets of the same thing from the same person....well, it makes me want to unfollow.

Sheyb said...

I noticed the same thing! I got really annoyed. Same thing being tweeted at least 4 times. Weird.

Melissa, SoChick! said...

I, too, would skip over. I get wary of odd follows and random tweet links... so if I saw several of the same going out within a few minutes of each other...well, I'd me more likely to unfollow also.

Mandy [Mandipidy] said...

Never heard of Triberr before... but this definitely makes me uninterested. the connections made through twitter are definitely my favorite reason for using it, and I would hate for it to get all "spammed" up.

Chrissy Farnan said...

I could not agree more. I have seen the stream of tweets with the exact text and quite frankly it reads like a spam. And I don't bother to open them because it's overkill of a great post or idea someone is sharing.

I just skip over them - sad actually for them!

virginiamae said...

I've never heard of this. Doesn't sound like the best idea in our bloggy/handmade niche!

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