Sunday, May 15, 2011

{marketing your blog and shop}

There was an interesting article in our paper this morning about the local racetrack. The article talked about how the attendance at NASCAR races has been down exponentially in the past couple of years due to the economy and people losing interest.

D and I had a conversation about the topic and it got me thinking about how it relates to handmade. 
I'm not crazy; really-bear with me.

We began talking about the marketing of tickets at said racetrack and how we never know when there is a race coming to town. I am not a NASCAR fan however D enjoys a good race every now and again. If he knew about a race in advance and of ticket specials he would be more inclined to purchase tickets. However, he is not going to go out of his way to do research on tickets to purchase them because we enjoy the Phillies and other sports more to be quite frank. And we often forget about said racetrack because we never hear or see anything on it. 

Activity: Take a moment to think of some great marketing campaigns. 
Here are some that come to mind: Apple. Starbucks. NBA. McDonald's. 

What makes them stand out? 
Apple. clever commercials. clean, sleek design. quality.
Starbucks. fair trade coffee, help the environment. 
NBA. "where amazing happens." great tagline. community service efforts.
McDonalds. "i'm lovin' it" a great tagline. 

Now think about your blog and/or your shop. What makes them stand out? 
How do you market your shop and your blog? Do people know about it? How do you know? Other than sponsorships on blogs, there are no large billboards online that scream your blog and shop name. You can tweet away on twitter but how often do people click to visit your shop or site? 
There are the usual ways to market your shop such as business cards, packaging, and having a streamlined branding but let's try to think of little things that you can do that do not require a large marketing budget to make a statement.
Here are some ways to market your blog and shop:
Get involved online. Chat it up on twitter. Be active on pinterest. Leave comments on blogs. Do guest posts on blogs. Offer to do giveaways. Offer discount codes to bloggers you have never worked with before-reach for a target market you never dreamed of working with. Build relationships. Know of upcoming conferences-look into sponsorship/giveaway opportunities. Work with others. Promote others. Join chats on twitter. Send a card with your business card in it. 

Did you brainstorm other ideas? What did you come up with? Does marketing change with the seasons?

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6 thoughts:

BB Goad said...

Great thoughts, Gina! Looking forward to #setupshop this week :)

Sarah B. said...

Great thought-provoking post! I'm wondering if I need my own tagline.... :)

Chrissy Farnan said...

Hello Ms. {Luv}

What a great post and great thoughts and prompts to get us all thinking. I'm looking forward to #setupshop tomorrow night!!

Kara @ Mine for the Making said...

Very thought-provoking. My husband and i talk marketing a lot. He owns 2 businesses (and we are getting ready to open the bakery/cafe) and I "own" my blog and etsy shop.

I think MFTM has a great name, look, and tag line. I think I need to def guest post more and offer discount codes and giveaways on other blogs more often. I still dont have a twitter...but I finally joined pinterest and LOVE it!

Thanks for all of the ideas Gina!

la petite coquine said...

Oh, how I love your insight! It's great to really take a minute and think about what your look, feel, message is-and the results are always so much better when you do!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, darling!

xo, Lena

Watkins35 said...

another great post, thanks Gina, I love reading your 'help' posts - they really are both helpful & inspiring xox

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