Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Handmade Online Resources with Lauren of Elephant's Trunk!

Hi there sunshines! 
I have a special treat for you! 
I am so pleased to have Lauren from Elephant's Trunk sharing some tidbits with you today from a #setupshop twitter chat that she hosted for me a couple of weeks back!
She did an amazing job and she doesn't give herself enough credit for it! 
Without further ado.. (i seem to like that lately:) ) 
here is Lauren...

Hiya Loves ;)... For those who don't know me, I'm Lauren.

And I blog at The Elephant's Trunk. Last week Gina was unable to make it to Set Up Shop Chat because of work issues so I lead the chat in her place.  We talked about online resources for handmade shop owners. I was told once that it isn't how smart you are but it's how resourceful you are. Ever since then I have always tried to soak up all the available information on the internet that might assist me grow my shop. I'm here today on Gina's blog to give you all a little re-cap of some of the websites discussed from last Monday's Set Up Shop chat on handmade resources. The resources listed below were brought up by many different people participating in the chat and since the transcripts for Tweet Chats are no longer available I can't provide proper "credit" to everyone who suggested certain resources. I want to say thank you to all who participated in the chat and thank you for your online resource suggestions.

An online fee calculator that will let you calculate in everything from fees from Etsy, shipping, price, postage and ultimately what will be your profit. 

2. Handmadeology
One of my personal favorites, Handmadeology is a blog full of tips for those with handmade shops. There is everything from ways to market, ways to track traffic, ways to manage your finances, and so much more. 

3. Craft Marketer
This is a great resource for craft shows coming up in your area and also a great resource for how to prepare for craft shows.

4. Unanimous Craft
Unanimous Craft is described as an online resource for indie business owners. They offer online e-courses, areas to lists your products, ways to vote on others products, advertising on their site and much more. 

5. Groop Dealz
A Groupon for handmade shops. Get your shop featured as a daily deal. 

6. Money Box
A tool that calculates all your Etsy fees, Etsy sales and allows you to enter your expenses. 

There are numerous resources out there and if you know some I would love for you to share them here with us all! Thanks for having me Gina. 

Yay! Such awesome resources. 
Thanks Lauren for sharing. I hope you will consider stopping by #Setupshop chat on Monday nights at 8pm eastern. The chat is all about starting a new handmade shop or sustaining the one that you have. If you do not have a shop or if you just want to come and meet new people on twitter, this chat is the place for you! We welcome all so feel free to jump in the conversation! All you need is the hashtag #setupshop

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Chrissy Farnan said...

Fabulously stupendous!!

Thank you for hosting and sharing your great resources!!

Mama Pea said...

Thanks for the great tips! :)

Sandy a la Mode said...

these are some great resources and tips! thanks for sharing!

Tara said...

Love all the great resources Lauren! Thanks for sharing them with us :)

Monique said...

Fantastic resources! Thanks Lauren!

la petite coquine said...

What wonderful tips=this is absolutely genius!

Sarah B. said...

Wow! I missed this particular chat so I'm super happy about the recap. I can't wait to check out all of these resources! :)

Watkins35 said...

fab post, thanks ladies xox

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