Tuesday, March 15, 2011

{Show Us Your Whiskers Fancy Felines!}


Awhile back I did a feature post on my reader's four-legged furry friends. you can get up to speed by reading about the pups here.

Today, we have a few fancy felines making their debut!

[snuggle lover]
Owner/Parent: Katie of Food, Wine, & Mod Podge
1. Simon (Simon Oliver when he's in trouble)
2. He meows at you whenever you sneeze or cough, even if he's sleeping
3. This past year, we hosted my in-laws for Thanksgiving.  We ordered a fresh turkey from the butcher, and it came in a small box.  When we took the (fully wrapped/sealed) turkey out, Simon claimed the box as his own, and still loves it to this day!  He plays in it, sleeps in it, hides in it... it's just the best turkey box ever!
4. Simon's great at making everyone feel loved, but the best thing he does just for me is on Saturday mornings.  Around 7am, when he just can't stand it anymore, he starts making noise to wake us up.  So I get up, leaving Chris in bed, come downstairs, make coffee, then sit down with a blanket on my lap.  He immediately curls up on my lap and falls fast asleep for the next two hours until Chris finally gets up.  It's our Saturday morning snuggle time routine :)
5. Simon is the cat that turns cat haters into cat lovers.  He loves everyone, wants to be pet all the time, runs around and plays hard, and is scared of absolutely nothing.  He has such a huge personality, everyone adores him!

{Elliot & Toby}
Owner/Parent: Christa Jane of C. Jane Create
1. Elliott
[known to flush the toilet!]
2. Flushes the toilet, carries things around in his mouth, licks plastic, likes to drink from dripping faucets.
3. One morning I was getting ready to leave for work and couldn't find my keys anywhere. Turns out Elliott was laying on them, hiding them from me. He definately did this on purpose!
4. He greets me when I come home, rubs his head on my face, and snuggles on my lap.
5. His nic-names include: Ell-Bug, Bug, Elder-Bug, Bug, Ell-Bell, Ell-Smell, Bubba.
You can read more about Elliott here.
1. Toby (full name Tobias)
[likes to be walked like a dog!]
2. Plays fetch, carries things in his mouth, plays with his food, likes to drink from dripping faucets.
3. Toby loves going to our local all-natural pet store. I take him in on a harness and leash and he wanders around like a dog!
4. He also greets me when I come home, and he always approaches me purring!
5. His nic-names include: Tobes, Tob-enator, Toblerone, Tobes-Megobes, Toby-wan-Kenobi, Stinks.
You can read more about Toby here.

Owner/Parent: Karen of KDavis Creates
He's been a part of our family for nearly 7 years... and he's a cat that "picked" us... we never would have had a cat (in-loves are DEATHLY allergic, and we move around A LOT thanks to the USAF)... but we were stopped at a salsa farm in New Mexico, "Tom and Pam Runyan Ranch" for salsa (duh) on our way back to Albuquerque and this little kitty came running towards our car.  Needless to say, we left with one jar of salsa, and this sweet little kitty in a brown sac (all the husbands doing!)  

Interesting Facts about Runyan: He LOVES cantaloupe..it's his drug (maybe it's because it's the same color as him), and he can annihilate one whole cantaloupe in a sitting if I  let him.   He sleeps in my hair ALL night long.  He's one of the only cats in the world (the percentage is really small) to be allergic to the rabies vaccine- he swells up and goes into anaphylactic shock-yes, I've witnessed this twice (unfortunately he has to have it, in order to travel soooo  much-so we pump him up with Benadryl).  He's well traveled (probably more so than most Americans)-lived in NM, FL, Germany, and now Korea..but has traveled to NJ, PA and LOVED laying on the dashboard during drives from NM to FL, and FL to NJ! 

Funny story about Runyan: I'm not really sure if I have a funny story about him... he's always cracking me up, just by flopping down on his back and wanting his belly rubbed,  like a dog would! However, I do have a favorite post on my blog that he was the star in: http://davisfamadventures.blogspot.com/2010/10/guest-blogger-my-furry-4-legged-friend.html

What does your fancy feline do that makes you feel loved: He licks my face ALL the time... and at random times throughout the day! Again, he also sleeps with me, in my hair    all night.

Are these kitties darling? Do you have a kitty? Or another special friend that makes your day? 
Feel free to share!

12 thoughts:

Ewelyna said...

i love cats :)

Collette Osuna said...

Cute furbabies....I have a cat that looks like Garfield, lol....:)

Stop by and say Hello:)
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Cassie said...

Once again, this slipped my mind. My kitty is a siamese, and my pup is a mut, but we love them dearly. Thanks for showing off these adorable felines :D

Katie P said...

Yay, thanks for featuring Simon!

And the cat who eats cantaloupe is hilarious :)

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

They are all cute but Simon in the sink is too funnY!

Ms. Megan said...

eeeep!! What cute little fur balls!! :)

Trish said...

We have FIVE cats. Two were mine, two were his and after we combined "families" a little kid came to our door with a kitten that he'd found and asked us to take care of it. So that's how we got the 5th! It's a ZOO in our house. Thankfully they (mostly) get along :)

Sarah B. said...

What a fun roundup of cats!! I have three that are a handful :)

la petite coquine said...

What darling kitites-how sweet!

k. davis said...

ahhh it's amazing how much Simon and Runyan could be brothers! Thank you so much for featuring my little friend, Runya... this turned into such a sweet post.

Watkins35 said...

all so cute and adorable! I love cats and their great personalities - and they're always the funniest part of 'you've been framed' xox

Sandy a la Mode said...

hahha this is too cute!!!

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