Thursday, February 10, 2011

{Turning Cant's into Can's}

after a long day at work, 
how do you clear your mind?
how do you leave the stress and responsibilities of work behind?

I struggle to separate my work from my life. 
I struggle to leave work in my office.
I struggle to find time for my handmade business although it is on my mind always.
I struggle to answer emails in a timely manner.

To turn my cant's into cans, I:
Respond to emails when I can-whenever I have a spare moment; on the train or lunch time. 
Work on my handmade business by signing up for Indie Business 3.0 and dedicating time each day to planning for the business. 
During train rides or breaks in meetings, I sketch new product ideas, item titles, and descriptions.
Think about ways to market my product, shop, and blog.
Socialize on twitter as often as possible. 

 { How do you turn your cant's into can's? }

8 thoughts:

Collette Osuna said...

I think you are doing a great job of everything you have going are rocking the blog girl!!

Stop by and say Hello:)
Enter my Silver Lining Décor Jewelry Giveaway!!♥

Michelle said...

Just found you through Along For the Ride...LOVE your etsy shop. I hope I win something;-) Great job Gina!

Erika said...

this post speaks volumes to me as I too work full time & am trying to balance a new etsy shop/blog.

i've found it hard to turn my "can'ts into cans" & am inspired by your hard work with your blog & etsy shop! way to be a working lady/crafty lady role model!

see you in class monday,
erika :)

Mama Pea said...

Let's petition to get a few hours added on to the day - 24 is not enough ;)

la petite coquine said...

Oh darling, you know I'm right there with you. This week was crazy enough with the big job switch, but our neighbor's break down made coming home even more difficult than being at work-what a nightmare. I'm thankful it's the weekend, and that I can spend some quiet time today attending to everything that fell through the cracks lately. Oye!

Paige said...

Don't we all struggle with this... I do! I have had to really work to leave work at work, and know it will be there tomorrow. I find now that I don't feel as quilty when I leave work unfinished as long as I can say I did all I could today.

Hope you find that balance!

Terri said...

I struggle with many of the same things. I always carry a notebook around with me where I can jot down blog ideas wherever I am. It even sits on my desk at work so if something pops in my head I can write it down before I forget it.

Watkins35 said...

thanks for the share gina, it always helps me to know others feel the same way! Sometimes I find I need to talk about the cants to work out how to turn them into cans. xox

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